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Moscow Diaries: Ice-cream at -10 degrees

Want some ice-cream?

Want some ice-cream?


Are you a winter kid who would love to go out for a walk when it’s bone-chilling cold?

It was around -10 degrees in the evening when I was out for one of the City Tours in Moscow. While I had quite a few reservations about handling the cold before I landed in the city, I adapted myself quickly enough with more than enough layers of clothing. While on the tour, all of us decided to head to an ice-cream parlour.

Ice-cream in the middle of winter? You gotta be kidding me. But I must say that this is an experience all ice-cream lovers would truly appreciate ;). That feeling of taking each bite of the ice-cream without worrying about it melting away is priceless.

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Diwali – A time for family!


Diwali is many things for many people. It is the victory of good over evil. It is the time when we meet and greet our near and dear ones. It is the time when we spread love, warmth and care amongst our family members. It is the time when we try to forgive and forget our loved ones. It is the time when our moms eagerly wait for us to come home so that she can feed us with food cooked by her own hands.

Whatever Diwali means for each of us, one thing is for sure that this is a festival which brings a lot of joy and hope for every individual. What begins with crackers and sweets moves onto the Lakshmi Puja wherein people pray for the prosperity of their families as well as their businesses.

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