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It only takes a little bit of lace to ruin a marriage.

Her confidence in marriage took a beating as the other lady took precedence while she was jettisoned. While the initial phase together was memorable, the last few years were the difference as they were spent in foraging for happiness. Their relationship did break years ago and nothing could mend it. She never wanted him to feel imprisoned though now was the time to set free and give him his freedom. 

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As he remembered the smell of the earth after the first rain of the season, he couldn’t help but visualize the tranquil surroundings. They would always sit in the balcony sipping tea and chatting about the day gone by. It had been six years since she was gone but he still missed her deeply.

He was tired of his relatives foisting their thoughts on him about a second marriage. He felt that they were trying to disparage his feelings for his long lost love.

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New Start

A new start

People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding.

While the supporters were only human to expect a comeback from their team after a decade of success, the defeat which sent them crashing out of the World Cup had actually spelled the end of the road for many of the team members.

This became an overture to a long delayed overhaul of the entire football ecosystem in the country. It gave everyone time to figure out the way forward and to pick up the pieces and start afresh.


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Being the solitary one left near the neighbourhood after the week long tree-cutting drive, it felt lost. The city had burgeoned so much so that whatever was left of the greenery was being cut to make way for the giant new apartment complexes. Amidst all this, the tree felt like a lamb to the slaughter. Seeing the apartment complexes on one side and the solitary tree on the other was like seeing opposite worlds.

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He always dreamt of doing something of his own rather than be part of a regular 9-5 job. But then, he realized that making money was important too. And so he set about building his capital before beginning his adventure.

When he began his personal venture, things didn’t exactly go to plan. Due to his inexperience and some bad advice, he ended up in a legal quagmire. He finally realized that being an entrepreneur was quite a different kettle of fish compared to what he had experienced till date. But then he thought to himself –

“I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.”

He knew that quite a crowd would gather seeing him fail and fall. While it was not quite an amble through the park, he slowly but surely started reaping the fruits of his hardwork.

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Thrill Seeker

Thrill Seeker

Dear thrill seeker, I can see you keenly

looking forward to skiing in such pristine conditions.

From the time I have known you, I have seen that

spark in your eyes at all things adventure and if given

a chance to be a part of the action, you would love to be

in the thick of it without a doubt.

Free your mind, calm your soul and begin your journey.


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As the pandemic went on,

her emotions oscillated between hope and depression.

As the pandemic went on,

she was aghast in particular at people’s reluctance to follow key health procedures.

As the pandemic went on,

she felt her life going into a downward spiral.

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Coping with a crisis

Coping with a crisis

If possible,

we would emerge out of this pandemic by switching it off,

If possible,

we would fume less and smile more as the pandemic taught us that life is short,

Maybe this is just an aberration

for learning to cope with a crisis.


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Din of screaming voices

Din of screaming voices

The day was a disappointing experience. It all began downhill from the time he moved into the new place. While he knew that shifting to a new city was going to be tough, he had made peace with the fact that this would help him rise higher in his career based on how capable he was.

But his new neighbours didn’t make things any easier. They always seemed hysterical. From yelling at their house help to fighting with each other, it was a din of screaming voices.

He found that there is nothing behind the wall except a space where the wind whistles. And so he decided to ensure that the doors and windows are made soundproof. Once done, he was able to live a much calmer life free from the stream of noise he was forced to handle day in and day out.

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100 word fiction: Edge of Universe

Edge of Universe

There’s a planet at the edge of the universe not unlike the earth in landscape and atmosphere. But its inhabitants are not.

They are robots who have been programmed to act and respond as per certain scenarios. While they are also programmed to emote like humans, their emotions seem anything but natural. Over the years, the amount of goods consumed on this planet has increased ten times.

There is speculation that the merchandise there is carried across the vast swath of their planet by planes just like on Earth. People remember to label it correctly so that its not lost.

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