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I for India (Goa)

I for India (Goa)

Just landed at the Dabolim Airport onboard Indigo Airlines

I for India (Goa)

At the Zuri Resort in Varca, Goa

When you think of Goa, you think of booze, good looking men & women, beaches, the sun & sands, churches and so on.

I for India (Goa)

The sun rises on another day in Goa

I for India (Goa)

Nature at its best

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100 word fiction – The lifeless farm..

The lifeless farm..

The lifeless farm..

PROMPT -© Marie Gail Stratford

“Our lifeless farm is proof that this summer has been the harshest on record. How will we survive? The silo has grains that would last only for a few more days.”

Linda listened in silence as Sam expressed his utter disappointment. Disappointment was slowly turning into nervousness and fear. With consistent rains over the last couple of years, Linda and Sam had a bountiful harvesting season and lots to eat.

But this year, it hadn’t rained one bit. The situation had become so dire that if it didn’t rain soon enough, they would be forced to cut on their meals.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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