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100 word fiction: The wall..

The wall

The wall

PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

The wall had been the source of bloodshed and anger between the two nations for years.

It had split families apart on either side.

It had been witness to umpteen deaths, destruction and unprovoked firing resulting in a high number of casualties in different incidents.

The people on either side of the wall had different beliefs, virtues and principles so much so that the two nations were as different as chalk and cheese in their foreign policy matters, economy and global standing.

The Korean wall was successful in splitting the North and South at both a physical and people-to-people level.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.


World Cup T20: The Calypso party begins tonight!

They hadn’t won a World Cup since 1979. Their fans had lost all their hope in the team as it got battered and bruised for years on end. They had mercurial players on and off but the consistency was missing. People and players so tired of losing constantly in cricket had started moving to much more rewarding sports like athletics and football. There were constant problems between the players and the board on matters of any kind from payments to performances. But then, the unthinkable happened.

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