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Five Sentence Fiction: A day in the life of a rag picker

A day in the life of a ragpicker

A day in the life of a ragpicker


“Sir! Though our life would seem like torture to you, this is all I have seen growing in a society which didn’t have any luxury so to speak of.”

Since the last 20 years, Mohan’s daily routine centered around picking up the refuse from the nearby localities and selling it off to individuals who could recycle it into useful materials. Though initially, he rarely got the right price from the individuals, he had learnt the tricks of the trade over a period of time.

Life was always a challenge as the money was just enough to help them live a hand to mouth existence. But then, times had changed and today he had a filmmaker at his doorstep who had begun penning the story for a documentary to show the lives of ragpickers like Mohan to rest of the world.

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Organ donation: Bringing smiles to many faces


There are so many of us who dedicate their lives to help others. Companies do it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) while individuals do it for their personal satisfaction at having given back. Helping others could be through monetary benefits, psychological benefits, health benefits etc. For some of us, keeping others happy is what makes us happy.

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Outraging – Has it become a fashion statement?


The dictionary defines outrage as a kind of emotion which is related to anger aroused by degradation of moral and societal norms. But who defines outrage? What are the causes which result in people outraging left, right and center? Most of you would say that it’s the beliefs and values people have which define what’s morally correct and morally wrong for them. But is it the only thing? Do people outrage just for the heck of it? Has outraging become a fashion statement? Let’s check it out.

The Delhi gangrape incident last year resulted in protests across the nation. Every Tom, Dick & Harry had a view about what should be done. From reforming the rapists as Rahul Bose had mentioned to chemical castration; people were frustrated, angry and ready to do their bit to save the country from such beasts. Or so it seemed. Yes, many were genuinely frustrated and angry. But to think of it, there many who were just commenting for the sake of commenting. Whether using social media or posting blog posts, during conversations over tea or making bold statements, people were outraging as if this meant so much to them.

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Writing to me is… Passion. Habit. Obsession.


If one writes to put thoughts into words, another writes so that emotions can be given a platform. If one writes to make people aware in the society, another writes to bring a smile on someone’s face. Whatever be the reason, writing has the potential of bringing change and making people sit up and take notice of things they may have not heard of at an earlier point in time. It has the capability of changing people’s lives for the good or the bad in a matter of minutes.

So what does writing mean to me? If I come to think of it, writing defines my life in five different ways –

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Why is it so easy to be sad but so hard to be happy?

Happiness and Sadness are two emotions which define one’s life. They are the emotions which walk hand in hand with each other. They are states of the mind which arrive at different intervals in life. If either of them would disappear, life would be poorer without them. At times, there are extended periods of happiness while at others there are extended periods of sadness. But the irony is such that when there are extended periods of sadness, we all complain. But in case of extended periods of happiness, no one thinks one bit that sadness could be lurking anywhere around the corner.

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Why do we run away from challenges?

According to Wikipedia, ” A challenge is a general term referring to things that are imbued with a sense of difficulty and victory.” Challenges require courage, skill, presence of mind, ability to think on the spot and many more such qualities. Are people running away because they don’t have them? Are people scared to face challenges? Do people want to always take the easy path? Lets see.

A challenge could be man made or some event which may have conspired to create a particular issue as a challenge for someone. A lot many of us are ready to face challenges head-on. We feel that tackling challenges keeps us motivated to do greater things in life. We feel that if we are prepared for the difficulties and challenges of life, then we can easily handle anything else. So many of us love to take things as a challenge to complete it to the best of our abilities. We feel that we work best when under pressure.

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