As he remembered the smell of the earth after the first rain of the season, he couldn’t help but visualize the tranquil surroundings. They would always sit in the balcony sipping tea and chatting about the day gone by. It had been six years since she was gone but he still missed her deeply.

He was tired of his relatives foisting their thoughts on him about a second marriage. He felt that they were trying to disparage his feelings for his long lost love.

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55 word fiction: Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

As the world went into lockdown, he finally decided to deep clean his house. He didn’t want visiting his house to be an obnoxious experience. While he always bristled with energy at the thought of any activity, it was always a mystery as to why he was so lazy when it came to household chores.

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How to get rid of odours at your home?


How to get rid of bad odour?

How to get rid of bad odour?

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Our sense of smell is as important as our other senses of tasting, hearing, seeing and feeling. It exposes us to fragrances of different kinds as well as odours which are not so pleasant. Every house and individual around the world has a distinctive odour.

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Why is it important to smell good?

Why is smelling good important?

Why is smelling good important?

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“He works as a sales agent but smells so awful all the time. Wonder how would he even sell his products when people would hate even sitting next to him?”

“Guys who don’t care about their body odour are such a turn off as far as I am concerned.”

“For me, working hard is only part of the deal. The personality of each employee should reflect the seriousness for which they are here. Whether its looking good or smelling good, presentation always matters.”

I am sure many of us would have come across few or all of the above situations. There are so many of us who think that smelling good isn’t really that important. If you are busy at office working all day along, why should your looks matter? Shouldn’t your superiors only worry about your work rather than your personality?

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A smelly affair!

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“He just walked past me and all I could smell was a mixture of cigarette and drugs. Thankfully he didn’t stay there.”

“She came to our office to sell kids books. Since I was the manager on the floor, she came and sat next to me and started giving me more information on them. Maybe she hadn’t taken a bath. Maybe she was out all day. And that’s why she must be sweating. But the smell was unbearable.”

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