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First day of summer

First day of summer

It had been a long hard winter with coronavirus wreaking havoc day after day. It was heartbreaking to see people struggling for their lives as the medical community began to buckle under the constant stream of patients. The dark clouds of uncertainty hung over everyone’s life.

But the vaccinations provided a silver lining amidst these dark clouds. And as the first day of summer began, these vaccinations were speeding ahead and began to show that there was light at the end of the tunnel. As the sun shone bright, the brightness in people’s lives also began to take shape.

first day of summer

with the sun shining bright amidst

the beautiful sky

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Dark night sky

Dark night sky

The dark night sky

so many stars wherever you see

peace and quiet around,

a time to reflect


So many stars wherever you see

that light up the night sky

in all its glory


Peace and quiet around

with miles and miles of desert

without a single soul around


A time to reflect

and introspect for everything

that has been and always will be


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Incoming cyclone

Incoming cyclone

As the cyclone barrelled towards the city, the clouds started to show their true colours. The summer had already begun in full force with the heat giving the feeling of great balls of fire.

But the cyclone bought a sea change in the weather turning the sky from a few white clouds to almost black with dark grey clouds.

Incoming cyclone

With a lot happening in the upper atmosphere, the city beneath looked so beautiful amidst the lovely breeze and the droplets falling on the leaves.

Incoming cyclone

Though it did cause damage with broken trees and other infrastructure including flying objects like bottles.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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Blue world

Blue world

The blue sky where birds

fly, the blue ocean where the

sea beings stay calm


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As the butterfly flew on its route over the lake,


the ducks calmly looked up at the orotund blue sky.

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Photography: Focus on the subject

Focus is generally the central point of attention and activity. For photographers, it’s all the more important to keep the focus on a specific subject so that their photographs are able to tell their stories.

Photography: Focus on the subject

The focus was on the sunset and the lovely colours in the sky


Photography: Focus on the subject

The focus was on the entire landscape itself (time to splashing into the water) – last photo on my mobile

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Photography: Stars

Photography: Stars

He always taught his son that he needed to aim for the stars and maybe he would reach the sky.

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Photography: Sunset during Fall

When I was in the US in October of last year, I loved every bit of seeing fall colours wherever I could. But I never knew that the colours up above in the skies would be equally beautiful too.

These ones are during one of the walks I had taken after a spell of rain in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Photography: Sunset during Fall Photography: Sunset during Fall Photography: Sunset during Fall

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The birds sing a song,

The roosters crow along,

The cool breeze blows day long,

As the light begins to prolong,

The colours in the sky belong,

And the clouds turn to shapes like oblong,

While the environment plays along,

The stay-at-home orders continue to prolong.

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Photography: Cloudy skies

While blue skies are beautiful in their own right, it’s always fun to see the clouds doing their own thing in the skies up above.

Here are some of the pictures which I have taken from my balcony here in Kuwait in the past few weeks.

Photography: Clouds Photography: Clouds Photography: Clouds Photography: Clouds

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