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100 word fiction: The new attraction

100 word fiction: The new attraction

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

“Oh, that’s one interesting looking structure.” Ron looked ahead pointing at the orange shaped building.

“Ahh, don’t you know the new attraction in town?” Matt seemed surprised.

“What’s that all about?”

“It’s a three story restaurant which serves some really authentic drinks and dishes which have been selling like hot cakes. They also provide the option of sitting in your car and ordering food which is then brought by rollerskating waitresses.”

With its unique design and importance to personalized customer service like no other, this restaurant had carved a niche for itself. They started trends which others tried to copy.

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100 word fiction: Ray of hope

100 word fiction: Ray of hope

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“It has been a tough year for everyone. As we begin this new year, we all hope and pray that the next one will be better in every sense of the word.”

As the residents of the city bid goodbye to 2020 with a short speech by the mayor, there was optimism in the air. As people lit candles with messages of hope, there was relief more than elation at seeing the back of a year which almost everyone wanted to forget.

They felt that the beginning of a new year brought a ray of hope for mankind to start afresh.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

Photography: Special moments

Photography: Special moments

Walking in a park in Kuwait

He was happy

in nature’s company.

Photography: Special moments

Beautiful colours of the sky in Kuwait


Photography: Special moments

Beautiful sunset at Yiti Beach in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Note: Each moment spent amidst nature in the last year has felt more special than ever. It has taught us the importance of simple things like watching a sunrise or sunset, seeing birds flying high up above us and generally being able to appreciate nature in all its glory.

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If only

If only

He had forever been on the fringes of selection but could never quite capture the imagination of the selectors to make it to the team. With each passing day, his patience was wearing thin as he wasn’t able to bring in the energy to soldier on till he finally got selected.

His friends wrapped their arms around him and told to keep the faith and never be verecund. But he felt lost and could feel himself being crushed under the weight of expectations from his family and friends. If something wasn’t done soon enough, he knew that his skills would become evanescent.

As he lay underneath the stars and the hours ticked by one by one, he could hear a voice say something softly in his head. This was more than enough to obfuscate his thinking. But he couldn’t think beyond what that voice had said.

And so as it began to rain the next morning, by the end of it he had committed a felony. While he did think that he could escape, the law caught up with him quite quickly. For someone who came with dreams in his eyes to the city, this was a dramatic fall from grace. If only, he could have waited for a some more time.

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Short Story 10 – The day she fought back for her dignity!


Someone has said that it’s very easy to be sad but really difficult to be happy. But I always made it a point that things shouldn’t affect me too much. My mantra was to live life king size without any tensions or fears. You never know what’s coming tomorrow. There is no point in spoiling your today just because tomorrow maybe bad. I was doing well at college, had a good group of friends and had a loving family. Life was bliss to say the least. This was until a month ago when my uncle came to stay over at our place.

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Short Story 7 – The dark secret of the grasslands!

“Is this the same country which people routinely trash when discussing about tourism?” Sam seemed awestruck by the beauty all around.

“Yeah that’s the question running through my head as well.” Ginny had heard the same from her friends back in Auckland.

“From the greenery to the valley, from the wildlife safaris to the unspoilt beaches, this place is paradise rediscovered.”

“Yes it truly feels like. God! They scared us to death while departing. Thankfully we kept our foot down.” Over the last few days, they had realized that this place was nothing like what had been described by their friends.

“Who knows; maybe they assumed that we were going to a concentration camp rather than an adventure trip.” Both of them had a hearty laugh.

Sam and Ginny were not your regular couple who meet in a college and fall in love. They actually never worked in an office at all. Whether it was rock climbing, rappelling, bungee jumping, paragliding or any other adventure sport – both of them were always game for challenges. And it was during one of these adventures that they happened to meet.

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Short Story 6 – Life’s lost minutes

With its off white walls, dreary and dull surroundings and the pungent smell of some godforsaken chemicals, the room felt excruciatingly depressing. I had to summon all my reserves of strength to keep my eyes open. But all I could see was medical equipment strewn around. With my arms and legs covered in plaster and me on a saline drip, it seemed as though I was fighting a losing battle with life.

As soon I held on to the bed to get up, I felt a shooting sensation in my arms. It seemed as though 10 needles had been inserted into my body without any warning whatsoever. All I could do was scream my lungs out for help. And almost immediately, a stream of doctors rushed into the ward to regulate my breathing which had spiralled out of control.

How had I reached a hospital? What had happened to me? Am I going to survive this? More than a day had passed without me even being conscious. The last I remember, I was flying to New York with my family. Despite my desperate condition, I was still trying to figure out the exact turn of events. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize someone else enter the room.

“Hi Matt. I am Adrian from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The doctors didn’t want me to be here so fast lest you suffer a fatal attack. But the situation is so desperate that I need your help. I rushed into the room as soon as you gained consciousness.

You are the luckiest man on the planet right now. Surviving that sort of a plane crash with just minor injuries, you really got to be God. There were just 4 others who we were able to rescue from that ill-fated jet. But all of them are fighting for their lives.

I am not sure if you can hear me. But if you can, please tell me what happened that night on Rossia Airlines Flight 204.”

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Short Story 4 – Cruel Twist

Cruel Twist

“Sir! AG 323 has veered off the radar.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Yes sir. Look at this. I can’t see it at all.”

Over the next few minutes both of them tried desperately to contact the flight captain but were unsuccessful.

And then there was a phone call –

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Virtual Rendezvous – Part III of III

I, Vivek Sen was a famous journalist with the Navyug Times based in Delhi. With the advent of social networks and other social media sites, I had become sufficiently active on Twitter to catch up on any latest piece of news.

During the Mumbai floods, I was assigned to look into Twitter to see what people were talking about. I somehow saw this entire campaign handled by Akshita Rane and two other people. This had to be a front page story for our newspapers.

@akshitarane we would like to know the details of the campaign you ran on Twitter for inviting donations for people affected by the floods

Akshita immediately replied back to official Navyug Times account (@navyug07) on Twitter.

@navyug07 why? What do you want to know?

@akshitarane we want the world to know the power of Twitter and how people are utilizing it..We have mailed you the details..Would it be ok?

@navyug07 ok that would be great

After a face – to – face discussion with Akshita, I published a report on the front page of Navyug Times on November 7th 2009.

Akshita Rane creating a sensation on Twitter

She’s young!
She’s hot and happening!
She’s sexy!
She’s as melodious as anyone could be!

Akshita Rane, one of the most popular Bollywood singers of our times already has many awards and songs to her credit. Now she’s creating a sensation on Twitter like never before.

For the uninitiated, Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites where one can send status updates of 140 characters. Most of our stars today are using it for branding and marketing themselves. But Akshita seems to have done much more than that.

She has gone ahead and made a sort of ‘friend circle’ on Twitter with a 55 year old woman, Lata Prabhakar, a resident of Bangalore and Ronnie Dsouza, a 22 year student from Hyderabad.

I am sure you readers must be wondering as to how did this happen? To know more, we posed this question to her.

“Twitter is one of the most amazing online communication mediums I have ever used. Initially I was also using it just to brand and market myself. But Lata and Ronnie made me realise that at the end of the day we are also humans. And we just connected. Rest as they say is history.”
Interesting words from a star who at one time had seemed completely unapproachable. The saying “Times and circumstances do change people” holds so true for this situation.

And this is not all, the three of them recently organized a campaign on Twitter to mobilize people to donate willingly for those affected by the Mumbai floods. Contacting over 1,50,000 people to get donations worth Rs 40 lacs doesn’t seem to be a mean achievement any day.

Only time will tell as to how long this human side of Akshita Rane would stay in the public domain. What do you think of this? Do write to us @

Akshita immediately tweeted about the article to both Lata and Ronnie.

@lata55 @dummyknights guys! Did you check out the front page of navyug times today?

It was Sunday, November 8th, 2009 and Lata was really busy as she had to go out shopping to the nearby mall for household items. But Ronnie replied immediately.

@akshitarane yeah 🙂 interesting article..we are becoming famous because of you for sure..

@dummyknights hahaha..that was a good one..

Later in the evening, Akshita got to know of a bomb blast in a mall in Bangalore which killed 150 people and injured many. Fearing the worst, she dialled all the helplines possible and finally did get to know the TRUTH.

After hearing the news, she didn’t know what to do and whom to talk to. Finally she ended up sending a tweet to Ronnie.

@dummyknights it feels as if I have lost a part of myself..It feels as if I knew her forever and ever..I am shocked 

@akshitarane the way we connected on twitter it didn’t seem that we never knew each other..

@dummyknights i miss her as much as I would anyone in the real world..You guys made the human come out of the star in me..

@akshitarane I wish we could do something for her to honour her memory..

@dummyknights what do you think of organizing a concert in the memory of the victims of the terror attack?

@akshitarane don’t you think that would be monetizing the whole situation?

@dummyknights no! no! The money generated would go to the victims’ families and those affected in any way

After Ronnie’s initial reservations, he was ready to help in organizing the concert and mobilizing opinion among the people via Twitter.

@akshitarane then I am all for it..We can make people aware of this via twitter..What say?

@dummyknights yeah that would be amazing..let’s get going..

Mobilizing opinion among people on Twitter to honour the victims of the terror attack and also the Bollywood industry was a really tough proposition. There were questions ranging from the need of doing this to the financial proposition of this initiative.

Finally on 1st December 2009, the biggest music concert in India was organized at Bangalore in the memory of the victims of terror attack. Akshita managed a coup by inviting the who’s who of the industry.

50,000 people with more than 50 lacs generated through this initiative – the concert was able to reach legendary status.

Akshita and Ronnie were shocked out of their daylights seeing a tweet from @lata55 the next day at 10:22pm.

“The death of someone we know always reminds us that we are still alive – perhaps for some purpose.”

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