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The ‘other’ pandemic

The 'other' pandemic

The pandemic has upended our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Alongwith the direct impact in terms of fatalities, health concerns, there has also been the indirect impact. People have lost their livelihoods along with savings which took years to build. Children have lost their precious years of school life. Families have been torn apart in more ways than one can imagine.

And to top it off, more and more people are going hungry and facing poverty than ever before. Years of gains in equality and social welfare along with treatment of other diseases has all been lost within a matter of months. As the number of mouths to feed continues to increase, families continue to wonder on what would happen the next moment.

“Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things?

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Spring’s arrival

Spring's arrival

Spring arrived with mud and a torrent of bad news.

They planned the expedition but unfortunately the weather ended up being a bummer. Considering his dexterity when it came to all things travel, he had organized everything in advance.

He also made sure to convince his best buddies who lived at the front and back of his house along with the solitudinarian. After the great winter freeze, the snow did melt away before spring arrived. But their trip just froze away instead becoming a fodder for so many around them.

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100 word fiction: Ray of hope

100 word fiction: Ray of hope

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“It has been a tough year for everyone. As we begin this new year, we all hope and pray that the next one will be better in every sense of the word.”

As the residents of the city bid goodbye to 2020 with a short speech by the mayor, there was optimism in the air. As people lit candles with messages of hope, there was relief more than elation at seeing the back of a year which almost everyone wanted to forget.

They felt that the beginning of a new year brought a ray of hope for mankind to start afresh.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

Onstage Fear

Onstage Fear

They did allow her to speak but having an uncanny feeling of being watched, she started to cry on arriving on the stage. But she did stop as she wasn’t going to capitulate and let this chance pop away.

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Who was he?

He seemed like his brother’s antithesis. While his brother would strive for the family’s happiness, he didn’t care about anyone but himself. His behavior seemed absurd. Since he would err in anything he did, his brother announced in his bass voice that he wouldn’t base any succession plans to consider him as his heir just based on relationships.

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While he was a wordsmith, his patience was wearing thin as he tried to edify students who wouldn’t bother to listen.

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Myriad of Possibilities

Myriad of Possibilities

Her life gave the impression that it was a myriad of possibilities as she kept flitting from one place to another. She never liked staying put in one job or location. And being a travel blogger, allowed her to live that dream. But little did she know that the path to the house through the forests would haunt her in her dreams.

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Myriad of Possibilities

100 word fiction: The Shell Collector

The Shell Collector

Tamsin’s heart drummed frantically as she tore through her pack, her books, and the messy desk– where was it?!

It had been over a week since since she visited the nearby beach after her interview. She always went there in search of peace and calm and was resolute in her quest to find it. She found it the perfect place where she could simplify all the challenges of her life just through introspection.

Everytime she went, she collected a few shells and brought them home keeping them on her shelf. But this time, she seemed to have misplaced her collection.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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Photography: Creativity brings happiness

The last few months have been nothing short of a nightmare for millions across the planet first with the coronavirus and then with the ensuing effects on the economy, poverty and more.

Many of us have been extremely lucky and privileged to be able to pursue our interests and also do things which we kept delaying for a long time. And this has given me nothing but utmost happiness.

I have been blogging since 2009. But for the last few years, my blogging frequency had dipped quite dramatically due to a variety of factors including me just being plain lazy. But just as the pandemic struck, I began the April A to Z Blogging challenge which involved me blogging everyday in April except the Sundays. And since then I have just continued on and on.

Photography: Happiness

Some statistics – 279 out of my 1093 blog posts have been published since April 2020. My Alexa blog rank has jumped from 870,000 to about 80,000 odd. My subscribers have increased. The bounce rates are low and the time spent on my website at about 13 odd minutes is at an all time high.

Photography: Happiness

In this period, I also published my first solo e-book of short stories on Blogchatter – An online blogging platform which connects a variety of bloggers and writers. The dream to publish a book had always been there but I guess I just wasn’t taking the steps to make it a reality. My next goal is to get it up on the Amazon Kindle Store as soon as possible.

I guess the pandemic has taught me that anything is possible if one has the will power and determination to stay at it.

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If only

If only

He had forever been on the fringes of selection but could never quite capture the imagination of the selectors to make it to the team. With each passing day, his patience was wearing thin as he wasn’t able to bring in the energy to soldier on till he finally got selected.

His friends wrapped their arms around him and told to keep the faith and never be verecund. But he felt lost and could feel himself being crushed under the weight of expectations from his family and friends. If something wasn’t done soon enough, he knew that his skills would become evanescent.

As he lay underneath the stars and the hours ticked by one by one, he could hear a voice say something softly in his head. This was more than enough to obfuscate his thinking. But he couldn’t think beyond what that voice had said.

And so as it began to rain the next morning, by the end of it he had committed a felony. While he did think that he could escape, the law caught up with him quite quickly. For someone who came with dreams in his eyes to the city, this was a dramatic fall from grace. If only, he could have waited for a some more time.

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