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Five Sentence Fiction: Abuse




After her mother’s demise, her father had turned into a maniac. All he did was spend every penny on alcohol and sexually abuse her all day.

While this did result in her becoming a recluse to an extent, she still dreamed of a happy life. She had always longed to run away from the torture inflicted by her father. She wanted to run out into the open away from the hell which her house had turned into.

Written for Five Sentence Fiction Prompt: Open. Read the other entries here.

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Power & Sexual Harassment: A close relationship?


What is power? Some define it as having status and money. Some define it is having the ability to change policy decisions of countries. While many others define power as that thing which can change your life from one direction to an altogether different direction. Whatever it may be, everyone wants some level of power to be able to exert their influence over others. All of us want money, fame and status. But then, there are some who desire power even more than the others. And they try to do everything in their ability to milk their status. Whether it is greed or pursuing shady deals or even sexually abusing women, they make use of the power they have to get what they want.

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