The Indian subcontinent is substantially rich in biodiversity and Madhya Pradesh takes the lead maintaining 9 National Parks and 25 Sanctuaries. Spread over an area of 10,862 sq. km., its natural reserves provide much needed shelter to the wildlife species which are rapidly losing their natural habitats due to human encroachment and various natural disasters.

Five national parks of the state are managed as project tiger areas. Most of these national parks provide elephant safaris while a couple of them also have boat rides and jeep safaris as well. This ensures that wildlife lovers get to explore the best of nature without causing any harm to it. Below is a glimpse of the richness of Madhya Pradesh’s biodiversity.

Bandhavgarh National Park

It is often said that if you can’t have a glimpse of a tiger during your wildlife safari in Bandhavgarh, then you are not likely to see it anywhere else. Though, it might sound a bit exaggerated, but when a count of around 22-25 tigers resides in this area open to tourists, you are bound to hear such exhilarating statements.

Tigress in Bandhavgarh

Tigress in Bandhavgarh


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