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Dance & Music bring freshness to life..

Allu's dance moves coupled with Anushka's husky vocals

Allu’s dance moves coupled with Anushka’s husky vocals


You are sad and lonely. Life is not going anywhere as what you have always desired for. Everything seems really dull and dreary. All the energy has oozed out from your body so much so that you feel completely lifeless. What would you do to get out of this mess? Stay the same way? Watch TV? Surf the internet? Talk to someone about your feelings? Listen to music?

What if in such a situation you see and hear a very catchy song and dance sequence; A sequence so catchy that it makes you want to tap your feet with the beats. This is what Allu Arjun’s dance moves and Anushka’s songs do to you. They have the power to bring energy and freshness rolling back into people’s lives.

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I am blank because…


I am weird because

I can have any combination of vegetables for food if they are considered healthy as per nutritionists.

I love hard copies of books more than e-books just so that I can smell the fresh pages of a new book.

I get sleep only if I lie on my stomach on the bed.

I get the most  creative ideas for blog posts or stories after 1am.

I am a bad friend because

I am not the secret Santa who often gifts his friends a lot many things.

I often speak my mind out.

I am not very prompt in staying in touch through social networks.

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Why is it so easy to be sad but so hard to be happy?

Happiness and Sadness are two emotions which define one’s life. They are the emotions which walk hand in hand with each other. They are states of the mind which arrive at different intervals in life. If either of them would disappear, life would be poorer without them. At times, there are extended periods of happiness while at others there are extended periods of sadness. But the irony is such that when there are extended periods of sadness, we all complain. But in case of extended periods of happiness, no one thinks one bit that sadness could be lurking anywhere around the corner.

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Guest post by Barbara Jolie – The Power and Flexibility of Emoticons

Since the dawn of internet chat rooms (or perhaps the internet itself), there have been small (usually less than five characters, though this is slowly evolving to higher character counts) abbreviations that people have used to increase the speed of discourse and the expression of common emotions.

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