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Photography: Road trip

I have always loved road trips for the sheer joy they bring. In my opinion, road trips are the perfect way to explore the sights and sounds of any country. You get to meet different kinds of people and also aren’t in a hurry which would normally be the case in any package tour.

Moreover, driving for miles and miles on a long winding road when the weather is lovely with the breeze hitting your face is the perfect recipe for peace and calm. Below are some of the clicks which I have taken during my different trips in Muscat, Oman, Jordan and the East Coast of USA (in that order).

Photography: Road trip

Photography: Road trip

Photography: Road trip

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100 word fiction: Road trip

100 word fiction: Road trip

They loved going on long drives from time to time. But the lockdown had put paid to all their plans of soaking themselves in the spring sunshine.

While they had regular day jobs, things had become difficult when both were stuck at home. Life wasn’t all hunky-dory as the disagreements had started to pile up.

While they kept searching for a platform to voice their frustrations, the lockdown was lifted only after a couple of months. When they finally did get a chance to go on a road trip again, they were just thankful that they could again experience nature.

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55 word fiction: Highway #AtoZChallenge

55 word fiction: Highway

Somewhere in USA


They loved going for long drives every weekend. But this time they wanted to do something different. With regular supplies to last for quite a while including an emergency first aid kit, they set off in their RV for the trip of a lifetime. They intended to drive across America and experience the surroundings firsthand.

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100 word fiction: Road trip of a lifetime..

The lovely roads go on and on..

The lovely roads go on and on..

The sun was streaming through the tall pine trees lined up along the highway. It was still an hour to dusk but the temperature had already dropped a notch or two.

The three had planned such a road trip for months on end without any success. While two of them were busy in their 9 to 5 corporate lives, it was left to the one who travelled for a living to come up with a plan which made sense. 

He knew that a road trip on the US East Coast surely had the makings of a trip of a lifetime. 

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Tina Basu

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100 word fiction: Staring death in the face..

Staring death in the face..

Staring death in the face..

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

“We are late all because of your work. You knew we were leaving for a road trip, right? Wasn’t it possible to finish early at least today?”

Sarah and Rocky were a young couple who had summited 15 of the highest peaks in the world and survived through varied environments just on their willpower to achieve the impossible.

But they had never thought that a simple thing like giving a lift to a person could prove to be disastrous. They were thrown out of their car as their tormentor sped off. Minutes later, they were crawling on the road for help.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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