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55 word fiction: Usual #AtoZChallenge

55 word fiction: Usual

It had been months since he had visited his family. The world got locked down as things got worse. Hundreds were dying and thousands were losing their jobs each day. Months later when some of the travel restrictions were lifted and he could take off for his hometown, he finally started to feel ‘normal’ again.

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I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2020 with Blogchatter and my theme is Microfiction.

Buddy parenting – Does it work?

Does buddy parenting work?

Does buddy parenting work?


There was a time when the sight of parents evoked fear, tension, nervousness and so on and so forth in children’s minds. But with the changing times, parents have also undergone a sea change. They have started acting more as buddies with their children empathizing with their problems, issues and difficulties rather than just acting as an overbearing and towering presence who do nothing more than scaring them. But does this so called buddy parenting work?

Most of us have always been averse to sharing the secrets of our relationships, bad habits, parties etc. with our parents. We are scared of them reprimanding us and putting up all sorts of restrictions to not let us do whatever we want. But isn’t that because we perceive parents as those humans who are always angry and looking to scare us? What if they behave like our best friends who listen to us and then advise us accordingly without jumping to any conclusions? What if they don’t judge us based on simple incidents in life? Wouldn’t it be a really delightful feeling?

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