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Why isn’t compassion given the importance it deserves? #1000Speak




Our newspapers, social media, TV channels, conversations among friends and more are almost always filled with negative stories of any kind from violence in any form to deaths. It’s like discussing about negativity is something which people survive on in today’s world. But is the world really that negative? Or are our thoughts shaped by what we read or hear?

Violence in any form has increased over the years. People are ready to kill each other for money, religion, love and every reason you could possibly think of. Disasters of every kind lead to deaths of thousands of people each day. While these acts may still be few and far in between, the human mind starts to remember each of them as he or she is fed with information on such acts day in and day out.

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Toilet for Babli: An initiative

Toilet for Babli InitiativeSource:

Open defecation is a huge problem in the developing world. But in India, this problem has reached alarming levels. From diseases & conditions like typhoid, malaria, measles, cholera and others to rapes and sexual assaults on women, open defecation is impacting our society in a big way. More than 600 million people (about half our population) defecate openly in India every day. So why is this the case? Let’s check it out.

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Are you a real braveheart?


Rapes, Sexual Harassment, Molestation & much more – Women in India face all of this each and every day of their lives. Whether its in offices, buses, stadiums or also sometimes at home from family members, women have to face the brunt of disgusting actions by men everywhere. Even after this, parents don’t control their sons but instead put up all kinds of restrictions on their daughters. Whether its about wearing the right clothes to avoid being stared at or not going out beyond 9pm at night, women are made to follow the rules because men can be beasts whenever they feel like, right?

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Outraging – Has it become a fashion statement?


The dictionary defines outrage as a kind of emotion which is related to anger aroused by degradation of moral and societal norms. But who defines outrage? What are the causes which result in people outraging left, right and center? Most of you would say that it’s the beliefs and values people have which define what’s morally correct and morally wrong for them. But is it the only thing? Do people outrage just for the heck of it? Has outraging become a fashion statement? Let’s check it out.

The Delhi gangrape incident last year resulted in protests across the nation. Every Tom, Dick & Harry had a view about what should be done. From reforming the rapists as Rahul Bose had mentioned to chemical castration; people were frustrated, angry and ready to do their bit to save the country from such beasts. Or so it seemed. Yes, many were genuinely frustrated and angry. But to think of it, there many who were just commenting for the sake of commenting. Whether using social media or posting blog posts, during conversations over tea or making bold statements, people were outraging as if this meant so much to them.

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An open letter to women who don’t wish to get raped or molested!

Update: I guess all of you need to read the whole post to understand the point I am trying to make. You can hold your judgements about my character till that point!

Dear Modern Woman,

How come you are alive? Your parents didn’t kill you? But the facts say that every year thousands of girl children are dumped in dustbins, on roads, left in hospitals or killed alive. Maybe you are among the lucky few to have survived. I must congratulate you for that. But then, you never know in this big bad world, when disaster comes calling. If you think you can cheat death by surviving accidents or illnesses you cannot be more wrong.

Amongst our ilk, there is a huge number who are ready to rape, strip, molest and do all that and much more to women like you at the drop of a hat. And that could drive you to kill yourself or we could do the formalities ourselves. I can hear you ask as to who gave us this right. We are a nation where crimes against you are brushed under the carpet so easily that who wouldn’t be encouraged to satisfy his voyeuristic pleasures. Whether we pinch a girl’s buttocks or grab her breasts, whether we strip her clothes or grope her in public, people would be ready to join us, but no one would bother to save her. How do you expect us not to satisfy our pleasures in such a scenario?

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Book Review – Messiah of the Scarlet Silence

“Messiah of the Scarlet Silence” is Arun Chaturvedi’s first writing attempt. Interestingly this book is available only in very select bookstores across the country. Maybe the author decided that he wanted to see the crowd reaction before printing more copies. Nonetheless, I bought it because crime thrillers are something which greatly interest me. Does it work?

The blurb goes like this –

There has always been a conflict between justice as a temporary phenomenon meted through a procedure, and the eternal conscience embedded deep within every subconscious state. Justice delayed, or even denied has had reverberating repercussions prompting individuals to mete out justice in a manner they deem as justified.

Molestation and rapes are rampant, and very few woman get their true justice. Many shy away from the courts fearing the stigma as well as the caustic remarks from the society. The trauma is intensified in court when the accused defense attorney attempt at character assassination to belittle the victim or make the incident look like a consensual act. The outdated legalities and the legal process itself are too slow, while the punitive punishments hardly serve as deterrents.

In this fictional incident based at Mumbai, a young girl is raped and murdered. And extraordinary situation demands a different remedial, and down the line, a bereaved sympathizer is created, who takes on the role as the messiah of the silent death, the scarlet silence.

While the story remains focused primarily on the police, the plot weaves into place the role of the judiciary, media, politician, underworld, and the public. It questions the role of these external elements that transform an honest person into a hardened killer. It raises hard questions on a crime that is rampant and continues unabated. It speaks of the core of the system that needs to be transformed. By including factual incidents, readers can co – relate those with this story that links the facts and fiction, to give it a realistic dimension.

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The Indian way: Blame the victim for all the misery!

Its been 7 years since the time I came to study in India. These 7 years have been full of interesting incidents, meeting interesting people and seeing interesting places. There have been a number of people on the way who have questioned my decision of studying in India whether it was graduation or postgrad. Suggestions on going to the West flew in thick and fast every time the time to make a decision came about.

Then when I started working in this country, people were shocked. They expected me to head for the Gulf. After having born and stayed for a better part of my life down there, why would I want to start my career here? Why would I try to work my life out in a place full of hardships? But then I convinced everyone that this is the best place to start. One gets to learn about life here. And the usual “blah blah”.

But then August 20th happened –

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