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100 word fiction: Painful #AtoZChallenge

She was tortured..

She was tortured..


“She is a lovely child. It’s so painful to even imagine that parents can treat their children in such a gruesome manner.”

Mohita’s smile and cheerfulness hid the pain and torture she had gone through during her childhood. From the time she was 4, her father’s advances towards her were full of perversion and voyeuristic pleasure. As the years went by, they soon evolved into full blown sexual assaults.

She never got to go to school or play with kids of her age. It was only when she escaped after a decade that she got to know about the world outside.

I am participating in the A to Z challenge in April  and the theme I have chosen is Micro-fiction

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Why should you report sexual violence?

Why should you report sexual violence?

Why should you report sexual violence?


Newspapers across the world are filled with various incidents of sexual violence day in and day out. Perverted & voyeuristic minds, patriarchal societies, the repression of women at every level are some of the underlying factors which have led to an alarming increase in sexual assaults across nations.

While a lot of such cases are being reported, there are thousands more which aren’t reported at all. Whether it’s the fear of being outcast or the fear of death, there are so many countries where women are scared of even going to the police station.The societal reactions make people turn a blind eye to the sufferings faced by women which could even be their own daughters. But they rarely realize that if such incidents go on, the so called civilized society will slowly cease to exist.

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What does India’s Daughter teach us?

India's Daughter

India’s Daughter


Leslee Udwin’s documentary ‘India’s Daughter‘ for BBC Four has taken India by storm. It takes us through the dark night of 16th December 2012 when Jyoti (Nirbhaya) and her friend were attacked by a group of perverted animals (can’t call them humans). I won’t go into the reasons of it being banned or whether that’s the right or the wrong decision. But the question is, what does it teach us?

First and foremost, it’s like a mirror of the society for so many of us. We have always heard that woman are considered inferior to man. But this one proves that and more with the statements of the individuals involved. From Mukesh Singh (one of the rapists) to the lawyers AP Singh and ML Sharma, all of them reflect such narrow views which are commonplace in our society. Haven’t you heard any of them before?

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42 word fiction: When she left home..

Happy times..

In happy times..


She left home one day never to return again.

Her parents searched in every nook and corner asking all around without luck.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, her body was recovered.

She had been mercilessly raped and beaten to death.

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Short Story 10 – The day she fought back for her dignity!


Someone has said that it’s very easy to be sad but really difficult to be happy. But I always made it a point that things shouldn’t affect me too much. My mantra was to live life king size without any tensions or fears. You never know what’s coming tomorrow. There is no point in spoiling your today just because tomorrow maybe bad. I was doing well at college, had a good group of friends and had a loving family. Life was bliss to say the least. This was until a month ago when my uncle came to stay over at our place.

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Bliss turned into nightmare!


We were really happy. He really loved me or so it seemed. From talking sweet nothings to spending all his free time with me; he never left my side. Whether it was going to horror flicks together where I could snuggle into him or talking for hours on end in coffee shops, our life seemed totally blissful. I never feared anything if he was around. This went on for months and I was just lost in him. But then, life has its unique ways of jolting you out of slumber. And that’s what happened with me.

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Power & Sexual Harassment: A close relationship?


What is power? Some define it as having status and money. Some define it is having the ability to change policy decisions of countries. While many others define power as that thing which can change your life from one direction to an altogether different direction. Whatever it may be, everyone wants some level of power to be able to exert their influence over others. All of us want money, fame and status. But then, there are some who desire power even more than the others. And they try to do everything in their ability to milk their status. Whether it is greed or pursuing shady deals or even sexually abusing women, they make use of the power they have to get what they want.

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Why is outrage so short lived?


Source: MSN News

Chemical castration. Life imprisonment. Capital Punishment. These and many more solutions are being prescribed by the public for the accused in the recent gangrape case in Delhi. There have been online petitions, continuous TV debates, tweets by all and sundry and much more. Everyone is outraged, angry and annoyed that the women of this country have been failed.

But is this a first time? Sadly the answer is a big NO. There have been rapes, gangrapes, incest cases and stuff one can’t even imagine in this country for years on end. As some statistics go, a rape occurs once every 30-40 minutes. But is it all reported? Does everyone get the coverage? Just to add a viewpoint, since the gangrape in Delhi on Sunday, there have been gangrapes in Varanasi, Mau, Faizabad and many other places. But none saw it to the front pages of the news channels.

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Why does the Catholic church oppose all forms of abortion?

The recent death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland who was 17 weeks pregnant has again brought the anti – abortion rules / regulations set by Catholic church to the fore. Savita and her husband were joyous like any other parent when they had come to know of her pregnancy. But with time, they realized that there were going to be complications and her life could be in danger. So when the doctor refused termination of pregnancy despite Savita and her husband’s pleas for the same, they were shocked. They were told that Ireland was a Catholic country and abortions weren’t allowed according to law. Unfortunately and sadly, Savita died because of septicemia. So why exactly does the Catholic church oppose all forms of abortion?

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Tehelka Sting: Rapes have become a way of life in NCR!

She asked for it!

It was consensual between the boy and the girl!

It was just ‘sex for money’ and not rape!

The girl’s mother is a slut who sleeps with a 28 year old man!

When the girl roams around with such clothes, why wouldn’t a man get aroused?

The girl is doing this just for money!

These aren’t any dialogues from a movie script. Neither are they comments by some random friends sitting in a pub and talking about the rapes in the society. They are the comments of some of the top police officers in and around NCR (Noida, Gurgaon etc.) recorded by the Tehelka Newspaper during a sting operation sometime last month. Does it come as a shock? Or is it a surprise? Or are you disgusted? But then there are some who really feel that this is totally expected from the guardians of our laws.

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