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Wordless Wednesday: Cloudy Kuwait

Wordless Wednesday: Cloudy Kuwait

This pic is from the unprecedented rainy months last winter in Kuwait. It rained like there was no tomorrow.

While many rain records were broken, a lot of us who are used to 50 degree summers surely weren’t complaining as cool and cloudy days greeted us day in and day out. These were moments to cherish.

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Singapore Diaries: An evening at Gardens by the Bay

The Supertrees welcome you to Gardens by the Bay

The Supertrees welcome you to Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of the iconic landmarks of Singapore situated right next to the Marina Bay Sands in about 100 hectares of reclaimed land.

Marina Bay Sands - right opposite to Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay Sands – right opposite to Gardens by the Bay

It consists of the Flower Dome which spans an area of around 1.2 hectares and is regarded as the world’s largest glass greenhouse consisting of flowers and plants found in regions as varied as the Mediterranean, South America, Australia, South Africa and more.

In the Cloud Forest, the cool moist air relaxes you

In the Cloud Forest, the cool moist air relaxes you

Then, there is the Cloud Forest which is a bit smaller than the Flower Dome but it’s cool moist conditions make you feel that you are somewhere in South East Asia.

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100 word fiction: That rainy night..

The rainy night..

The rainy night..

PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“If I don’t leave tonight, I wouldn’t be able to make it to the conference tomorrow.”

Though it was raining heavily, he decided to drive down much against his family’s wishes to wait till the next morning. The highway surrounded by mountains was prone to getting dangerous from landslides and other accidents during poor weather. But he was always up for challenges.

When he didn’t call the next morning, his parents filed a missing complaint at the police station. His body was found a few days later far away from his car which seemed to have fallen down a cliff.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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Rewind 2010: Top 10 disasters of the year in India!

Another of my Trakin posts –

2010 has had its own share of disasters. Despite the fact that we have advanced so much in preventing and predicting disasters, it is something we haven’t been able to stop happening. From political to technical to even natural disasters, there was a lot which brought a lot of misery to people.

There were also certain disasters which benefited a lot of people, like Reliance’s failed acquisition of LyondellBasell much to the delight of its competitors 🙂

CWG and its sham

From the entire organization, infrastructure to Lalit Bhanot’s comment “Our hygiene standards are different from the Western ones”, it was a complete disaster for the country. The CWG probably caused more damage to country’s name

The only saving grace was the fantastic performance of our athletes who gave all of us a great reason to smile and be proud of our Indian-ness.

Intense heat wave

The heat wave during the summers this year across the country killed more than 250 people and bringing misery to thousands others. It went on record to become the hottest summer in more than 50 years. Global warming anyone?

RIL’s failed acquisition bid

RIL’s failed bid to acquire LyondellBasell despite upping its bid price to US $ 14.5 billion was one of the biggest M & A disasters of the year

Leh floods

Leh which gets very minimal rainfall throughout the year and as is called a high altitude cold desert for the reason got more than its share of rainfall for a year on a single day – 6th August. More than 200 people were killed due to this

iPhone4 Antenna problems

The Apple iPhone’s antenna was a problem across the world and India was no different. With problems in signals and dropped calls, more and more people started voicing their opinion against Apple.

Nano disaster

From being labelled as the world’s cheapest car priced at Rs 1 lac to having safety issues causing fires, manufacturing defects, its shape / design and also poor financial issues – Nano’s journey had come a full circle and it ended up selling lesser units than Mercedes in November

IX – 812 Crash

Air India express flight IX – 812 coming in from Dubai crashed while landing at the Mangalore Airport on 22nd May 2010. It was one of the worst air disasters in the country since a long period of time. In the weeks after that there were more than 10-15 near misses of air crashes / disasters

Cyclone time

From Giri to Laila to Jal the only thing interesting about these cyclones was their names. Otherwise it was all eerily similar – great loss of lives and property. One step closer to 2012, is it?

Scam year

From CWG to 2G to UP Basmati Rice, it was the year of scams in the country with each and everyone wanting a share of the pie. It seemed as though no day would pass of without us hearing of at least some scam or the other. What a shame!


Last but not the least. The famous CAT test [^] for MBA aspirants which went online last year but had results coming up this year turned out to be such a technical disaster with everyone wondering as to who was running Prometric. From bugs attacking the server [^] to computers losing data, it ended up being such a SHAM!


Sky rocketing onion prices make people cry

Whether it was hoarding, unseasonal rains or onion mafia, the skyrocketing Rs 80/kg onion prices brought tears across the country. But as the year was reaching its conclusion the prices dropped dramatically as the government made a desperate measure of bringing down the prices by stopping exports!

GSLV Launch failure

This one was supposed to India’s heaviest and most advanced communications satellite but instead it exploded within one minute of its launch turning out to be a disaster for India’s space research program. A 2nd continuous failure has put the ISRO on the backfoot!

Did I miss out any? Let us know…

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