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100 word fiction: The wall..

The wall

The wall

PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

The wall had been the source of bloodshed and anger between the two nations for years.

It had split families apart on either side.

It had been witness to umpteen deaths, destruction and unprovoked firing resulting in a high number of casualties in different incidents.

The people on either side of the wall had different beliefs, virtues and principles so much so that the two nations were as different as chalk and cheese in their foreign policy matters, economy and global standing.

The Korean wall was successful in splitting the North and South at both a physical and people-to-people level.

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Why do we love to argue?

Who doesn’t love to argue? (Me included :)) Whether its arguing needlessly or arguing to defend your point, arguments are the essence of any discussion. There are some who just keep arguing all the time without any rhyme or reason. They need a reason to just begin themselves. And when they do, they never stop. They just keep arguing for the sake of arguing. While there are others who prefer to avoid arguments outright. Whenever any sort of discussion reaches such a situation, these people tend to leave it lest it may reach a level where verbal and physical fights may result. But why do we argue at all?

All of us have a set of beliefs, a set of values, principles, understanding of certain theories etc. If we observe that a particular thing is out of place or not happening according to our beliefs, values, culture etc. we tend to ask questions. And when it doesn’t match with the other party, arguments begin. When we have a set thinking and believe in certain probable truths, we never accept the other party’s comments or inputs which maybe different from ours. We tend to believe that our thinking is the universal truth. A lot of it has to do with the refusal to change preconceived notions. And then we go all out to show that we are RIGHT!

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