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Snakes on a plane

Snakes on a plane

As the flight took off, there was a commotion in the cabin about a snake. And before anyone could react, there was pandemonium in the aircraft as what seemed like hundreds of snakes made their way around.

“This is going to be one hell of a long flight.”

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Dread: My first solo e-book of short stories

I have always been very observant about whatever happens around us. A lot of my short stories and other forms of micro fiction over the years have always been based on what I have seen and what I feel may happen. The ability of humans to survive all odds and come up trumps is what keeps me going.

Each of the five stories in this e-book is based on my thoughts and experiences of the way humans survive in difficult situations.

There are so many of us who work late at night, don’t we? Haven’t we ever felt nervous on what could happen? A safari sounds like an experience of a lifetime. But what if things go awry? If you are on the way home and suddenly run into a tragedy happening around you, how would you react? Do you just run away? We all wait for that perfect holiday with our family. But what if the perfect holiday turns into a perfect nightmare?

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As the plane got closer to the airport, the turbulence got worse. Being a startup CEO, Ronnie traveled far and wide to meet prospective clients. He generally avoided taking flights instead relying on other modes of transport.

But his boss was a maniac and this time he demanded him to take the domestic flight to not waste any time.

The plane began to get buffeted by strong winds and heavy rain and the pilots knew that the landing would be challenging in the midst of a torrential downpour.

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100 word fiction – Storm clouds..

The storm clouds moving in...

The storm clouds moving in…

PHOTO PROMPT © Lucy Fridkin

“The rain is starting to get heavier as we speak. It’s better we head back as soon as possible lest we get stuck in the storm. The clouds seem to be coming in quicker than we had imagined.”

Rennie always loved to take his Cessna every weekend for a joy ride over the coast. The views of the evening skyline from the cockpit were astonishing.

Though there was the danger of the storm approaching, his son also wanted to experience the city from up above the clouds. But as soon as they took off, they ran into some turbulent weather.

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Deserted at the altar..


Since the time a girl is small, she dreams about her wedding day. I always expected my man to come on a horse as my knight in shining armour and take me away into his world bringing me all the happiness and peace. Though that was a bit too much to expect, I still wanted to be loved, to be happy and to have someone in my life who could pamper my wants and desires.

We had met in the most bizarre of circumstances on a flight to Lucknow. He was traveling for a business meeting while I was on my regular job as a Lead Flight Attendant. Somehow we began talking, exchanged numbers and the rest is history. Though our jobs didn’t allow us to meet that often, we always made it a point to stay in touch in any way possible; sometimes through ‘Whatsapp’ and other times through ‘Skype. In just over a year, we had grown so fond of each other that all our talks revolved around love, life, ‘how I would settle with his family’ and the likes. Though it seemed a tad too fast, I was loving every bit of it. He truly loved and pampered me unlike the earlier guys in my life who were either too scared to commit or just didn’t want things to go to the next step.

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