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Being a pilot was her goal,

As a matter of fact, traveling the world was her dream,

Dreams knew no boundaries,

All she wanted was journeys,

Courtesy which she could go overseas,

She hoped to travel far and wide,

Meeting people from different countries and cultures,

Spreading her happiness as she went along,

They told that the world was a beautiful place,

She wanted to explore it one city at a time,

Experiencing different cuisines in every city,

Traveling opened her eyes to all the possibilities,

With new perspectives and insights,

She was relieved that she was now a bird whose dreams had got wings.

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100 word fiction: Her new glasses

Her new glasses

“I have been looking for a good pair of glasses since a long time. The last pair I had was my favourite. But when it accidently broke apart due to my carelessness, I was devastated.”

Anita had high myopia and needed the right kind of glasses to achieve her dream of becoming a pilot.

During childhood, she had suffered a lot from dryness of the eyes. This affected her mentally and psychologically during her school and university days. But as the years passed by, she was all the more determined.

“Let me take a selfie to see how I look.”

How do we find our true calling in life?

How do you find your true calling in life?

How do you find your true calling in life?


All of us have various goals and dreams. Irrespective of our passions, most of us aim to become rich and famous. But, isn’t there more to life than just earning good money? Isn’t happiness defined by the work you do, the people you meet which includes your friends and family and the time you get to do your own thing?

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Turbulent Times


The sky was relatively clear and the inside of the aircraft seemed equally calm. There were some who were relaxed while most others were tired from a great trip on the Goan beaches. About 25 minutes into the journey, the captain began the descent into the Maximum City.

“Ladies and gentleman! We are now beginning our descent into Mumbai. The weather is cloudy with light rain. We expect to touchdown at about 6pm. I hope our crew has kept you comfortable throughout the journey. We thank you for flying with us and we hope you enjoy the rest of it as well.”

The captain had made his customary announcement and switched on the seat belt sign. The washrooms were a no-go zone from this moment onwards. The crew began to collect all the food waste and started to make preparations for touchdown.

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