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42 word fiction: Depression


“My life has turned into a living nightmare.”

Married off for money at 16, Anu worked in the fields daily from 6am to 6pm to feed her family.

After coming back home she was forced to bear her husband’s beatings and mother’s abuses.

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Is abusing elders a fad in today’s society?

Abusing elders..

Abusing elders..


Abusing and ill-treating our elders has become more common than ever in today’s fast paced world. These are the same elders who take care of our every need from the time we are born. These are the same elders who answer our every innocent query. These are the same elders who woke up at night when we cried as babies or even teenagers. But when the same teenagers become old enough, they feel that abusing and disrespecting elders isn’t really a big deal.

Be it our parents, uncles or aunts, we always tend to have arguments with our elders on anything and everything under the sun as we reach our teenage years and beyond. Everyone talks about ‘generation gap’ being the main reason for all the problems. What’s this generation gap all about? Simply put, its theĀ  feeling among youngsters that the elders don’t understand them while the elders feel that they are best placed to guide the youngsters since they have seen many ups and downs in life. And there begins the clash.

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Is the arrest of the Indian couple in Norway right?


They don’t know our Indian culture. What kind of stupid culture is this? If parents are arrested, what will happen to the child’s future? Can’t we have universal parenting norms which doesn’t leave any scope for confusion? A lot of us Indians have gone on the rampage saying all this and more against the decision by the Norwegian court to convict V Chandrasekhar and his wife Anupama for 18 months and 15 months respectively for suspected child abuse. Is it right or wrong? Let’s check it out.

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