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Being a pilot was her goal,

As a matter of fact, traveling the world was her dream,

Dreams knew no boundaries,

All she wanted was journeys,

Courtesy which she could go overseas,

She hoped to travel far and wide,

Meeting people from different countries and cultures,

Spreading her happiness as she went along,

They told that the world was a beautiful place,

She wanted to explore it one city at a time,

Experiencing different cuisines in every city,

Traveling opened her eyes to all the possibilities,

With new perspectives and insights,

She was relieved that she was now a bird whose dreams had got wings.

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Why I love the world?

World Love

From the time we Indians are born, we are always taught the tenet of “Unity in Diversity“. This is based on the fact that though we have a number of different religions, regions, castes, languages, food items and more in the country, we still live in a united India. Yes, everything is not as perfect as it was intended with discrimination at various levels but then we still celebrate each others festivals, have different types of food and even speak more than one language.

Growing up in an environment like this has always taught me to appreciate diversity in every form. Having traveled to more than 25 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa, I have met people from across the board. It has given me interesting perspectives of their culture, their thoughts and even their beliefs. Eg: Saving and investing a certain amount of money is not just an Indian or specifically an Asian thing. 

Meeting people who are different than we are also plays a strong role in helping remove stereotypes and myths created over many years. Eg: Not everyone from Africa deals in drugs and human trafficking.

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