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Paradox of our times

Paradox of our times

While some countries began the summer with hope as vaccines started to roll out, most others were still going through lockdowns due to the increasing coronavirus cases. And with the beginning of August, the nightmare started to get real as the hospitalizations and deaths started to creep up in many parts of the world. But life rolled on as usual or so it seemed with the seasons leading the way. In the Northern Hemisphere, the weather was hot and sultry while in the Southern Hemisphere, the winter was coming to an end. The farmers began harvesting their crops as always. In countries with vaccines, life was returning to the pre-pandemic days. But in others, there was nothing resembling normalcy.

Blue skies, beautiful

sunshine, birds chirping around

freshness of summer


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First day of summer

First day of summer

It had been a long hard winter with coronavirus wreaking havoc day after day. It was heartbreaking to see people struggling for their lives as the medical community began to buckle under the constant stream of patients. The dark clouds of uncertainty hung over everyone’s life.

But the vaccinations provided a silver lining amidst these dark clouds. And as the first day of summer began, these vaccinations were speeding ahead and began to show that there was light at the end of the tunnel. As the sun shone bright, the brightness in people’s lives also began to take shape.

first day of summer

with the sun shining bright amidst

the beautiful sky

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What does the new normal mean?

What did the new normal mean?

The new normal

left her immobile.

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A deadly pandemic,

A time to remodel all

aspects of our lives

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Finding one’s way


Finding one's way

Being a tenant in an integrated township, he had felt thankful during the pandemic. Amidst the endless lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, he felt happy seeing people around. While the world outside had changed, there was at least a sense of normalcy when he was in the township. As people shared each other’s pain, the community grew stronger.

But as he stepped into the world outside, he could hear a voice echoing in his head warning him of the dangers that lay ahead. He was unsure on what all had changed.

“Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end.” He knew that he couldn’t rush into the pre-pandemic life in a matter of days or weeks. The health measures need to be followed as the health threat was still elevated.

It would be a slow return to business as usual.

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Safe to open up?

Safe to open up?

People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding.

The calls to open up had reached a crescendo in countries where vaccines were aplenty. People yarned away without appreciating how lucky they were compared to the rest.

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100 word fiction: Losing control

Losing control


“It’s been ages since we hung out.” Josh missed the pre-pandemic life.

“Oh tell us about it. The pandemic and endless lockdowns have been so challenging.” The entire squad exclaimed in unison.

“What about a drive today?”

Losing control

And before his friends could say anything, he got out his flashy new BMW and off they went for a spin. As they reached their favourite spot, they were just overwhelmed taking in the environment after so long.

But while coming back, the excitement got too much as Josh lost control and rammed his car through the boundary wall of his neighbours estate.

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The ‘other’ pandemic

The 'other' pandemic

The pandemic has upended our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Alongwith the direct impact in terms of fatalities, health concerns, there has also been the indirect impact. People have lost their livelihoods along with savings which took years to build. Children have lost their precious years of school life. Families have been torn apart in more ways than one can imagine.

And to top it off, more and more people are going hungry and facing poverty than ever before. Years of gains in equality and social welfare along with treatment of other diseases has all been lost within a matter of months. As the number of mouths to feed continues to increase, families continue to wonder on what would happen the next moment.

“Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things?

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Zenith of Disaster

Zenith of Disaster

May didn’t augur well for him. While he was sure that his family was careful, he knew that the precautions followed by those who came home had gone wayward off late. Within days, the covid fatalities rose and as he lay in bed, his thoughts were interrupted as an auger was used to put his wife’s frame on the wall. He laid a lei on her grave next morning wondering how the pandemic had broken their union.

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eXistential Crisis

Existential Crisis

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

They sat on their chairs wondering how it had all become s0 vacant.

“Previously, we used to have so many customers that we didn’t have enough staff to meet their needs. But all that feels so far away. Despite our scrupulous attention to detail when it comes to sanitation, the numbers haven’t increased.”

Existential Crisis

As another day came to an end with a beautiful sunset looking over the sea, they knew that the pandemic had turned their life upside down.

Existential Crisis

In times of lockdowns, their home far away seemed like quite a lonely place to be in.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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