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Journey of a seed to a plant

Journey of a seed to a plant

The journey of a

seed starts from soaking it in

water for sometime


The soaked seed needs to

be planted in quality

soil with perfection


Moisture, oxygen

and proper temperature

are required to grow


The roots appear at

first followed by a small plant


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Visualizing an apocalypse

Visualizing an apocalypse

The positivity rate has rapidly increased as the infection has torn through the country at breakneck speed. There is a huge influx of patients in already full hospitals each day. The rush for beds, for oxygen, for medicines, for food and more has only intensified as people grapple for survival. And then there are so many who don’t make it to a hospital. Some isolate and survive at home while others die before they get that life saving injection or supplemental oxygen. They leave behind grieving families. And in the end, they just end up as a statistic amongst the numerous funeral pyres burning across the city and the country.

It was just the start

of summer but the clouds of

doom came together

Note: It’s gut wrenching to see so many people in India (my home) suffer through this brutal coronavirus wave. Having already lost loved ones, I hope and pray that we all get the courage and strength to get through this.

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Photography: Relaxation

Photography: Relaxation

We all have our favourite places where we feel that sense of relaxation and peace which we long for especially to escape our busy day-to-day lives.

Photography: Relaxation

Don’t we always long to escape from all the pollution and excessive traffic?

Photography: Relaxation

Don’t we dream of breathing fresh air and getting a chance to introspect especially in a quiet surrounding?

Photography: Relaxation

Don’t we dream of the days when we don’t have to actually breathe carbon monoxide and all the other noxious gases out there?

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Writing to me is… Passion. Habit. Obsession.


If one writes to put thoughts into words, another writes so that emotions can be given a platform. If one writes to make people aware in the society, another writes to bring a smile on someone’s face. Whatever be the reason, writing has the potential of bringing change and making people sit up and take notice of things they may have not heard of at an earlier point in time. It has the capability of changing people’s lives for the good or the bad in a matter of minutes.

So what does writing mean to me? If I come to think of it, writing defines my life in five different ways –

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