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It has been more than three years since that day but the nightmares haven’t ended. Since the fateful day, he gets up sweating every night.

Sometimes it is about the people who ended their lives jumping off the building while at other times its the deadly inferno which was burning through the building, the nightmares have just gotten worse.

He still felt guilty for the fact that he survived but so many of his loved ones died in the tragedy. As things got worse, he tried therapy as well. While things did become better initially, everything began to relapse as soon as therapy ended.

His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream. Just when all seemed dark and depressing, he found his calling. He felt that he could try to comfort and help those who had suffered like him but survived to tell the tale.

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55 word fiction: Nightmare

55 word fiction: Nightmare

It neither looked human like nor anything like she had seen before. She began running as fast as she could. But it ran faster and faster. Just as she thought that this was the end, a group of men with flaming torches came running towards the monster. And then, she woke up with a start.

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42 word fiction: Depression


“My life has turned into a living nightmare.”

Married off for money at 16, Anu worked in the fields daily from 6am to 6pm to feed her family.

After coming back home she was forced to bear her husband’s beatings and mother’s abuses.

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Bliss turned into nightmare!


We were really happy. He really loved me or so it seemed. From talking sweet nothings to spending all his free time with me; he never left my side. Whether it was going to horror flicks together where I could snuggle into him or talking for hours on end in coffee shops, our life seemed totally blissful. I never feared anything if he was around. This went on for months and I was just lost in him. But then, life has its unique ways of jolting you out of slumber. And that’s what happened with me.

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Innocence lost in translation!


She was sweet and cute. She seemed happy all the time. It’s always said that kids have a smiling face and bring cheer to everyone around them. Since the time she was a little girl, she kept everyone occupied. Whether it was her parents or her cousins, everyone laughed and enjoyed being around with her.

Sometimes she went and cut the curtains with a pair of scissors or at other times she hid the shoes of people just so that they go about frantically searching for them. Naughtiness and her went hand in hand. Though it was a task for everyone to handle her naughty antics, they still loved to see the smile on her cute little face. It was like everyone wanted to do something just to see her happy.

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