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Is winning all that matters?

Is winning all that matters?

As he walked through the

aisle, he thought about pros

and cons of winning


This win would alter

his standard of living quite



He thought to himself,

“I’ll holiday in an

isle with this win”

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He always loved seeing the stars from his telescope. While the others would ramble around him about anything and everything under the sun, he would zone out and think about ways to reach the stars. For him it was never about the money or the fame.

All he wanted was to be happy. There were times when he was put in a spot as people around him started calling him a misanthrope. But he didn’t bother one bit and used to mention that if it were him, he would spend few years of his life meditating in an antre.

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Is there anything money can’t buy?

Is there anything money can't buy?

He had money.

He wasn’t happy.

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100 word fiction: Avarice

100 word fiction: Avarice

As the money began flowing in, his avarice knew no bounds. Whether buying a fancy car or a plush bungalow, he lost himself in all the money. He had forgotten that life is about cherishing happy moments too. And happiness isn’t just defined by one’s bank balance.

While the material possessions began building up, his relationships with friends and family suffered. Emotions were generally not his thing and more so now.

He loved taking his cars out for a spin. But little did he know that much to his embarrassment, his Maybach would end up getting stuck in a pothole.

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She was flush with money

But without her honey by her side,

Never grateful nor appreciative of what she had,

Never helping anyone who wasn’t well off,

She was now stuck in her home all alone,

Realizing that disease doesn’t discriminate like she did.

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Why do we never have enough money?


“I really need to start saving. By the middle of every month, my bank balance goes to zero” 

“My credit card always seems to be in negative balance. It’s a struggle to save any money in this city.” 

“Wow! I have sent so much in just a few days. The salary day is still more than 20 days away. I wonder how we will survive until then.” 

I am sure you all may have heard or exclaimed any of the above and more at different times of your life anywhere across the world. The cost of living in most of the big cities is definitely rising as the years pass by. Due to the economic slowdown in many parts of the planet, the salaries and the availability of jobs is surely not rising as fast. But is it still so difficult to save a ‘decent’ amount per month?

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When she inflicted pain for love..

Love turned sour..

Love turned sour..


While they were far apart in terms of distance with both of them engrossed in studies on different continents separated by thousands of kilometers, their love was the one common thing which made their world go round. From WhatsApp chats to Skype calls, they always kept each other updated on their lives and everything which came with it be it happiness or despair.

This went on for a few years until he popped the question silently smiling to himself expecting her to say yes almost immediately. Both of them were now working and making their way up the career ladder slowly but surely. She was shocked and blatantly refused exclaiming that this was the time when she wanted to concentrate on her career and couldn’t think of anything else. While he was devastated, he was half expecting it considering their conversations had dramatically reduced since quite a while.

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Is life only about getting rich & famous?

Is life only about getting rich?

Is life only about getting rich?


Humans have an unlimited number of wants, don’t they? Being rich and famous is one of the most common among them. But there is more to life than just earning lots of money.

A happy and loving family, good friends, a stable work – life balance, being passionate about one’s hobbies & interests and more – there’s so much that one can’t even imagine. Those whose only aim is to maximize their earnings without even thinking of ways to splurge them are never ever happy. They always dream of earning more and that more has no limit.

And therefore, it’s important to come out of your closed doors and see the world out there. Breathe out in the open air and start thinking of life in a way where money is just another part and not the ONLY part.



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100 word fiction: Her love for crystals..

The crystals of her dreams..

The crystals of her dreams..


“Why don’t you sell all these showpieces? As it is, we are struggling with our lives. This is the least you can do.”

Laura, the youngest member of the Davis family loved making small showpieces out of crystals from the time she was a teenager. Though they weren’t really well off, Nick, her father always ensured that his daughter had all the tools to keep her hobby going.

Over the years, she had made showpieces of varied shapes, sizes and colours. It was just a hobby until the day Nick’s business crashed and he was forced to file for bankruptcy.

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Creating a Startup Revolution..

What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship?


I just completed watching the first 4 episodes of TVF Pitchers, a new Indian show which talks about the journey of 4 guys who leave their cushy jobs to dream of starting their own company. In a country like India, there are hundreds of individuals who start their own companies every single day. But in comparison, the success stories are miniscule in number.

From lack of funding to a poorly developed idea; from inability to hire the right set of people to lack of differentiation among the competitors in the market, there are a number of reasons behind every failure. But one of the most fundamental ones is the ease with which wannabe entrepreneurs give up after being rejected a couple of times.

As is always the case in life, not giving up is the mantra one needs to follow to avoid being JUST another entity creating a startup revolution. It’s not always about doing different things but instead doing the same things differently could be revolutionary as well.

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