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Five Sentence Fiction: Memories




“Don’t we all count on beautiful memories when in times of distress?” Rahul and I were arguing on being too over dependent on memories for anything and everything in life.

Whether its getting a job or a date; winning a contest or enjoying with friends, memories of all kinds shape our world almost all the time.

They give us the motivation and encouragement on being able to turn around things for the better. What we need is to strive to work even harder to create even sweeter memories for the future.

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The day he lied to me..

The day he lied..

The day he lied..


“He is a liar. He doesn’t even care what I feel. If he did, he would have had the guts to tell me the truth. All the times we spent talking sweet nothings for hours on end seem like a big joke.”

The first time our eyes met was when he trooped in coolly at 8:45am for an 8 am class. With unkempt hour and a shabby appearance overall, it looked as though he had just got up from sleep and set out for a long day ahead. He seemed too much into himself making me wonder if arrogance was his second name. For me though, classes were all about talking to everyone and making as many friends as possible.

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160 word fiction: Kindling old memories..

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

CC photo by IQRemix.

Every shop in Chinatown was decked up with lights of different hues. It seemed as though they were having a competition on whose lights were the brightest and the most innovative in their design.

Seeing the revelry all around, George was reminded of the days he came to Chinatown with Anne. Visiting the different dragon temples, bargaining for simple things at the various stores that had set up shop and having authentic Chinese cuisine, she loved it all.

Since the time she had passed away due to the cancer she was diagnosed with, George had all but given up on life. Neither did he eat properly nor did he sleep peacefully. It seemed as though life had been sucked out of his soul.

He finally decided to revisit Chinatown and kindle old memories on their 25th anniversary which coincidentally fell on the first day of the Chinese New Year. He felt that this way he could be closer to her.

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Bedtime Stories & Rhymes – Revisiting Childhood

mother reading to childSource:

Someone has truly said that each of us has a child hidden somewhere in us. This child comes out in various instances whether its during our emotional times with our loved ones, the times when we are successful or fail in our endeavours, the times when we want to feel loved and cared for and the likes. Moreover along with this our childhood also comes to the fore when we talk about bedtime stories and nursery rhymes.

From bedtime stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood to the nursery rhymes like London Bridge is Falling Down and Humpty Dumpty, there was so much which shaped our childhood. These stories and rhymes helped us dream. They helped us imagine and visualize a world which didn’t exist in reality. They gave wings to our thoughts and took us on a never before thought of trip around the world.

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Game of Blogs: Chapter 2: Painful Memories


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Tara’s demanding schedules meant that the Dutta’s hadn’t had a proper family vacation for years. And so when her boss decided to give her a few days off for working too much, Shekhar and Roohi got together to make the plans.

“Yayyyy. I am already dreaming of making my own castles on the beaches.”

“Tickets? Check. Clothes? Check. Hotels? Check.” Father and daughter were busy at work sorting out all the formalities while mom was occupied with work as usual.

Though Tara was engrossed in her laptop with last minute work, Shekhar knew that God’s own country with its pristine beaches, the backwaters and the beautiful landscapes would give her time to relax and enjoy with their little princess.

With greenery as far as the eyes could see and its unspoilt beaches, Kerala provided the perfect getaway from the din of Mumbai. Though Tara couldn’t avoid taking the most important calls, the time she spent with Roohi and Shekhar day after day made her understand the importance of family.

One of the days, she was so busy having fun that she even forgot to call her sub editor. Initially, she wasn’t too excited to be on this holiday, but now she didn’t want it to end. It had been the best thing she had experienced in years.

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Their sweet little reunion!

03/01/2013. Leaving Ireland. There were emotional

It had almost been an eternity since they last met. She had spent all this while reminiscing their times spent together. Whether it was his touch or his caring demeanor, she missed him being around. And today when she saw him, her feelings gave way to tears of happiness.

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