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Melbourne: A city with a little for everyone..

Yarra River And Melbourne Skyline

Yarra River And Melbourne Skyline


There are so many factors which people consider before deciding to settle down in a city. While professional growth in terms of the organizations and corporates is at the forefront of our decision, there are other points like education, healthcare, infrastructure, safety, tourist places to visit and the likes which we consider before making our decision as well.

In this context, Melbourne being voted as the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability survey for the fourth consecutive year is an achievement to be really proud of. In a world where terror is spreading its tentacles far and wide and policies of governments and corporates are changing frequently, the tag of the most liveable city is something which every resident of Melbourne can boast about.

So what is it about Melbourne that makes it so special?

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Rahul Dravid – The Wall of Cricket and much more!

Will you open the innings? Yes. Will you keep wickets in order to accommodate an extra batsman? Yes. Will you captain the team? Yes. This was Rahul Dravid for you. A selfless team man for whom the team’s goals and ambitions came way before his own.

Most call him ‘The Wall’. While some call him ‘Mr. Dependable’. But for me he was the one reason stroke makers like Sachin, Sehwag, Dada etc. could flourish. They could play freely knowing that at the other end, ‘The Wall’ was being constructed brick by brick to stay for as long as one could imagine. This was the wall who scored a 12 hour 270* at Rawalpindi. He was the reason we knew that despite the first wicket falling for a low score, we wouldn’t collapse. He was one of the reasons we had belief in saving and even winning overseas tests. He was one of the reasons we learnt to win overseas. Dravid has been part of 15 test wins abroad and in 11 of them he has been awarded the Man of the Match.

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Movie Review – Real Steel

Starring Hugh Jackman in the lead, Real Steel is a flick based on a 1956 short story “Steel” by Richard Matheson. A boxing robot theme interspersed with human emotions seems to be an interesting concept. Does it bring the two together successfully? Lets see.

At the outset we are told that Hugh Jackman who was a former boxer has huge debts on his head. To pay the loan sharks, he organizes robot boxing matches. But sadly ends up losing all the time, until one day…But then he is so enamored with his robots that he himself becomes one. Not bothered about his family and losing himself in the machines, he finally agrees to take custody of his son when told about his girlfriends death. The rest of the story deals with how the father and son partner together to conquer the robotic world.

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Movie Review “Crook – Its Good to be Bad”

“Crook – Its Good to be Bad” is a movie starring Emraan Hashmi and newcomer Neha Sharma (acted in two Telugu movies before) directed by Mohit Suri. It had been heavily publicized as a movie based on the racial attacks against Indians in Australia in 2009. With the racial attacks affecting a number of Indian students across Melbourne and much of Victoria, it was only a matter of time before Bollywood readied itself to make a movie on this issue. And who better than Bhatt to make this right? WRONG!

Jai Dixit’s (Emraan Hashmi) father is an underworld don who is killed by the police after he confesses that RDX from his smuggled consignment was used in the Mumbai blast. He is brought up by Gulshan Grover who out of worry that Jai would fall into bad things sends him to Australia with a new identity. And as you expect, he meets up Suhani (Neha Sharma) there and immediately falls in love with her / or shall we say love to get Permanent Residency. But then the racial attacks begin wherein people are attacked, killed, mugged and what not. The rest of the story deals with the reasons for the attacks and the problems from both the sides.

Emraan Hashmi sleepwalks through his role. He has played the bad boy character a zillion times and now audiences are seriously bored. Dude! Get a life maan! Neha Sharma has nothing to do other than walk in short dresses on the streets of Melbourne or shall I say Cape Town 😉 (disguised as Melbourne). Everything about the movie is half hearted be it the love sequences, the songs or the racism issue. Mohit Suri doesn’t know whether to concentrate on love or racism and he seems torn in between.

“Mere Bina” sung beautifully by Nikhil Dsouza is the only thing going for the film. Another problem about the film is that it gets too jingoistic against the Aussies. I mean yes they are racist, but then is the whole country like that? It’s just an attempt at sensationalism by the Bhatts. Even the bare back scene of the foreign female is just for 2 seconds. And you wonder what was the hullabaloo all about?

Final verdict – Poor!

Rating – 1/5

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