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Five Sentence Fiction: Joint #AtoZChallenge

Five Sentence Fiction: Joint

He had lived for years in a joint family environment. Whether it was the meals or the electricity and water bills; the emotions or even the gossip floating around, he had seen everything being shared.

But times had changed as newer members started getting added to the family. The irreconcilable differences over the last few months had given way to massive arguments.

He had never imagined that it would be possible, but the day had finally come when he was being thrown out of his own house.

Five Sentence Fiction: Joint

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I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2020 with Blogchatter and my theme is Microfiction

100 word story: Lunching in luxury

Lunching in luxury

Lunching in luxury

 Image Credit – Timur Saglambilek

When it came to eating out, food wasn’t her most important criterion. She made sure to choose the restaurant which offered the best ambience.

And so, when it came to her birthday, her friends thought of nothing but the best. The view from the restaurant down to the valley below was majestic. It felt as though the clouds had come down. The lighting was just right and the tables had been separated far apart so as to give everyone their space.

This was the perfect atmosphere to have a nice meal amidst the clinking of glasses of wine and cutlery.

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NaBloPoMo November 2016

The quirks of family traditions..

Family traditions

Family traditions


From organizing extravagant parties to exchanging gifts of all kinds; from going on international visits to being very spiritual, different kinds of traditions run in families throughout the world. While some may call them quirky, weird or bizarre, these traditions define the soul of families and the way they live. Let’s go through a list of some of the most interesting traditions we see around us.

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