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100 word story: Lunching in luxury

Lunching in luxury

Lunching in luxury

 Image Credit – Timur Saglambilek

When it came to eating out, food wasn’t her most important criterion. She made sure to choose the restaurant which offered the best ambience.

And so, when it came to her birthday, her friends thought of nothing but the best. The view from the restaurant down to the valley below was majestic. It felt as though the clouds had come down. The lighting was just right and the tables had been separated far apart so as to give everyone their space.

This was the perfect atmosphere to have a nice meal amidst the clinking of glasses of wine and cutlery.

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Dubai Diaries: An evening at the world’s highest restaurant

Most people who go to Burj Khalifa end up at either of the observation decks – Floor 124 or Floor 148. I instead decided to visit the At.mosphere restaurant which at a height of 1450 feet is regarded as the world’s highest restaurant.

The entry on the ground is through the Armani hotel where the staff at the reception check your booking. With regards to the dress code, the website mentions ‘smart elegant’. I had worn a formal shirt with jeans and it worked fine. Since I had sports shoes on, the guys at the reception gave me a pair of formal shoes to put on before going to the restaurant. But in order to avoid last minute hassles, I would still suggest to follow the dress code to the T rather than having to argue with them at the reception.

The lift speeds up..

The lift speeds up..

The lift goes straight to the 124th floor (in a matter of seconds) and you end up with a popping sound in your ear due to the change in altitude. Once you arrive at the 124th floor, you have to come down the steps to the 123rd floor where on one side is the lounge and on the other is the more expensive restaurant.

And I am here finally..

And I am here finally..

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