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It only takes a little bit of lace to ruin a marriage.

Her confidence in marriage took a beating as the other lady took precedence while she was jettisoned. While the initial phase together was memorable, the last few years were the difference as they were spent in foraging for happiness. Their relationship did break years ago and nothing could mend it. She never wanted him to feel imprisoned though now was the time to set free and give him his freedom. 

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As he remembered the smell of the earth after the first rain of the season, he couldn’t help but visualize the tranquil surroundings. They would always sit in the balcony sipping tea and chatting about the day gone by. It had been six years since she was gone but he still missed her deeply.

He was tired of his relatives foisting their thoughts on him about a second marriage. He felt that they were trying to disparage his feelings for his long lost love.

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It was as if by

design that at the stroke of

dawn, the moon was out


The ferocity

of sun makes you think the moon

is just surviving


Lunar eclipse is

the chance to deterge sins just

like solar eclipse

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55 word fiction: Loyalty

55 word fiction: Loyalty

Though he knew that she hadn’t been loyal to him, he hoped to get one last glimpse of her before she left the city. While they had been together for more than a decade, the last couple of months had been a struggle. But there was one lingering question. Was he making an impetuous decision?

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Can coffee bring two people together?


Their eyes met while having coffee.

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Love sees no colour

Love sees no colour

They loved each other and despite the differences in the colour of their skin, they had promised to be with each other through thick and thin. But not everyone understood.

“Did you really think through before getting into this relationship? Did you even bother to check his background?” When her parents got to know of her relationship, they simply admonished her without trying to understand her side of the story.

“When I was growing up, you taught me to respect every human. But now, just because of our differences in skin colour, you have a problem with his background? Honestly, I am ashamed hearing this.”

She knew that convincing her parents was a lost cause and both of them had to elope to be together.

“We go in different directions down the imperturbable street.” He hugged her tight and could only mutter to himself.

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100 word fiction: Lovestruck

100 word fiction: Lovestruck

I want to forget those days but I can’t seem to get over her. It seems that she is still here with me walking hand in hand by the beach.

We happened to meet by chance in a restaurant where she had come for a business meeting. When we got talking, we realized that we had so much in common and a friendship quickly bloomed. Soon enough, we were besotted with each other so much so that I had surrendered myself to her charms.

But when she suddenly passed away, I was only left with our photographs and my loneliness.

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Written for Pegman Prompts venturing to Rhode Island, USA

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Love conquers all

Love conquers all

The princess of Antosia always carried a purple sword,

walking with a grace under the dazzling blue sky,

ready to protect her subjects.

The czar knew that she loved the wizard,

and so he decided to put him to the test,

by making him withstand the blue fire.

If he survived, he would get her hand and Jacob’s cattle.

If he didn’t, he would be sent to the far off lands of Golden acre.

Seeing the wizard struggle for life,

she couldn’t control her trail of tears.

Her love was tender and true,

and she didn’t want to see the Aurora without him.

Eventually, he survived and they lived happily ever after.

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They had fallen in love. But within months, she knew that she was old-fashioned and not his type. And so, it all ended abruptly.

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55 word fiction: Love #AtoZChallenge

55 word fiction: Love

It had been a long time since they had met each other in person. Their love had gone ‘virtual’ for the foreseeable future in the face of lockdowns and quarantines. While it wasn’t something they were ever prepared for, they tried to take it one day at a time to adjust to the new normal.

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