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Singapore Diaries: 4 months & counting!


When I had landed at Changi, I had expected that I would be in this country for just about 45 days. But after multiple extensions, things have moved past 4 months and still counting. The best part about such extensions is that you get to know about the country, the people and the culture even better over an extended period of time. This would be way more than a tourist would know.

Normally when you are a tourist to Singapore, there are certain specific places you would visit. Whether it is Sentosa or Universal Studios or Marina Bay or even the Night Safari, these are some of the favourite jaunts of to – be tourists. But how many times would you go to the Arab Street to have some lovely Arabic food? How many of you would go to a nightclub to party? How many of you get a chance to see Little India during Diwali times?

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Singapore Diaries: A place where everything seems so perfect!


It’s been a week since I have touched down in Singapore and I am already in love with the place. Yes, I have seen many places around the world. But being a tourist is a world of difference from staying in a foreign country and working there. Everything seems so orderly, neat and clean (Yes, maybe except Little India :P). Whether its people not jumping queues or them not generally rushing into the public transport (buses or trains), everyone really seems to follow all the rules to the T. I assume this is normally the case in many countries of the world. But having been exposed to too much of disorderliness for many years, this is a welcome and refreshing change.

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