Red Square is considered as one of the most important landmarks in Moscow as it includes a varied set of monuments including Kremlin (the official residence of the Russian president), St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Kazan Cathedral, Gum Store and the State Historical Museum among others.

It is said that Putin generally works in Kremlin but stays on the outskirts of Moscow. Legend has it that Lenin’s body is still embalmed and kept at the mausoleum. Whether tourists or even Russians believe this or not is another matter altogether.

One evening, when a few of my office colleagues asked me if I am interested to make a visit to the square, I was quite excited at the opportunity. Little did I know that it would be about -15 degrees that night. It was so cold that I was starting to feel my hands getting frost bitten. The Starbucks coffee I was holding became cold in no time ;). Nonetheless, the experience was fantastic.

St. Basil's Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral (the garlic shaped domes of different colours look amazing, don’t they?)



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