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Coping with a crisis

Coping with a crisis

If possible,

we would emerge out of this pandemic by switching it off,

If possible,

we would fume less and smile more as the pandemic taught us that life is short,

Maybe this is just an aberration

for learning to cope with a crisis.


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Five sentence fiction: I am special because..

For the love of learning..

For the love of learning..


From the time, I was born, I have been addressed as this special kid who has become used to being wrapped in cotton wool.

I was quick to realize that the speed and the thought process with which I did my coursework was no match in front of the other students in my class many of whom never left the chance to ridicule me as if I were some joker.

There were so many instances when I came crying home to my family only for them to keep me motivated to fight the big bad world out there.

They always believed that if one has the dream to achieve something in life, even the universe conspires to make that dream come true.

While doctors called me a special child since I had dyslexia, for me the will to achieve something special only became stronger over the years.

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