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100 word fiction: Losing control

Losing control


“It’s been ages since we hung out.” Josh missed the pre-pandemic life.

“Oh tell us about it. The pandemic and endless lockdowns have been so challenging.” The entire squad exclaimed in unison.

“What about a drive today?”

Losing control

And before his friends could say anything, he got out his flashy new BMW and off they went for a spin. As they reached their favourite spot, they were just overwhelmed taking in the environment after so long.

But while coming back, the excitement got too much as Josh lost control and rammed his car through the boundary wall of his neighbours estate.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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As the butterfly flew on its route over the lake,


the ducks calmly looked up at the orotund blue sky.

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The sun was lost in

the clouds as the calm waters

of the lake looked on


This scene mirrored his

life as he felt lost amidst

the uneasy calm


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