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FOTD Challenge: Flowers blooming in Kuwait

Flowers blooming in Kuwait

FOTD (Flower of the Day) Challenge is a daily challenge on Ceen Photography

Wordless Wednesday: Cloudy Kuwait

Wordless Wednesday: Cloudy Kuwait

This pic is from the unprecedented rainy months last winter in Kuwait. It rained like there was no tomorrow.

While many rain records were broken, a lot of us who are used to 50 degree summers surely weren’t complaining as cool and cloudy days greeted us day in and day out. These were moments to cherish.

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Skywatch Friday: Kuwait Sunset

Kuwait Sunset

Kuwait Sunset

The sun sets in Kuwait on another hot summer day


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N for Nonchalant – #AtoZChallenge

N for Nonchalant - #AtoZChallenge

Location: Kuwait

“The rain that falls wherever it pleases. I want to be that rain.”

– Marty Rubin

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I for Inspiration – #AtoZChallenge

I for Inspiration - #AtoZChallenge

Location: Off the Coast of Kuwait

“Don’t bury your failures. Let them inspire you”.

– Robert Kiyosaki

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K for Kuwait

K for Kuwait

An early morning walk at the beach

K for Kuwait

A cloudy winter day

For most people, the country Kuwait generally evokes phrases like oil rich nation, hot weather etc. But it’s a country of numerous beaches as well. And what if I tell you that in this country you can take a nice long walk along the beautiful beaches for many months of the year?

K for Kuwait

The sun sets over the Arabian Gulf

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B for Beaches

Beaches are places where you can relax and unwind.

B for Beaches

Qurum Beach, Muscat

B for Beaches

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Beaches are places where you can rewind your thoughts and give meaning to them.

B for Beaches

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

B for Beaches

Marina Beach, Kuwait

Beaches are places where the sound of the sea waves hitting the sea shore provides a sense of tranquility far away from the big bad world out there.

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Skywatch – Dusk in Kuwait

Another cloudy day in Kuwait comes to an end..

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
― Rabindranath Tagore

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NaBloPoMo November 2016

Half time 2016: The months gone by..

Half time 2016

Half time 2016


So we have already the crossed the first half of the year. As always, it feels as though the months have passed by quicker than I can even imagine. And soon we will bid goodbye to another year gone by.

January started off with me still dreaming about my trip to Moscow and the lovely winter there. There were travel posts galore of the times in Moscow, Kuwait and Singapore. February and March were all about family and fun. I went home for the first time after coming to Kuwait and it truly felt like those days back in Muscat whenever we used to go home during the school summer vacations. There was also the trip to Dubai which culminated in a number of travel posts as well.

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Kuwait diaries: A walk at the Marina Beach

The winter months in Kuwait are the best time for taking a stroll at the numerous beaches. The maximum temperatures at about 12-15 degrees are way cooler than the 50+ degrees it rises to during the summer months.

Taking advantage of the same, I stepped out for a walk at the Marina beach a few moons ago. And I must say it was a pleasure just watching the tranquil waters of the Persian Gulf with the cool breeze hitting one’s face.

Kuwait Marina Beach

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