The auto drivers are off on strike!

The bus drivers are off on strike!

The police haven’t registered a case of murder, robbery, dacoity etc. for months!

The attendance in offices has dropped miserably because of the strikes!

This is the state of Hyderabad for the last couple of years. It seems as though bandhs and strikes have become so common that people don’t seem to care anymore. It has become a daily / weekly / monthly activity. And it is hurting Brand Hyderabad real bad with investments falling dramatically over the last year or so. At one time Andhra Pradesh was regarded as one of the best places for FDI but it has slowly lost spot to Chennai, Bangalore and other cities.

But this time the situation has gone completely out of everyone’s hand. It has now been more than 25 days since the general strike began. In between there has been the auto bandh, the regular power cuts, the rail roko, the rasta roko and what not. You could just wonder if there would be an AIR ROKO!

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