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Skywatch Friday: Kuwait Sunset

Kuwait Sunset

Kuwait Sunset

The sun sets in Kuwait on another hot summer day


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Why have we become greedy?

greed avarice dollars

Every human has ‘n’ number of wants. If for one happiness is living in a decent 2BHK house with his family, for another, happiness is living a life of luxury in a 3-storey apartment. Happiness is something which every living thing strives for whether human or animal. One can’t expect to live a normal life without being happy. And so somewhere happiness is related to humans becoming greedy. I hear you ask why. Let me explain.

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RIP Nokia – A Personal Experience!

Seven years ago when I entered graduation, my father handed me the first mobile phone of my life. It was not a really great phone in terms of the ones we see today. There wasn’t any camera, MP3 player, 3G etc. It was just a normal Nokia phone which could be used to do the basic functions like making a call, using the GPRS, sending an SMS etc. Since then a lot has changed in the world of Nokia as its market share in India plummeted from about 90% to 30-35% today. But nothing changed in my world of mobile phones until a week back.

Nokia built its reputation by always being ahead of its competition. Whether it was making personalized phones like the Nokia 1100 for India or connecting people in any way, Nokia was the name which was synonymous. It had become a generic name so much so that whenever people used to go to mobile shops, they would say “Please give me a Nokia” rather than saying “Please give me a phone.” That was then.

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Guest Post: 4 Travel Apps Created With Millennials in Mind

One thing the millennial generation does more than any other generation before it is travel. Not only do the twenty-something’s of today have the world at their fingertips online, they have more of an opportunity than ever to actually see it. Young people don’t simply travel once in their lives as a post-graduation hoorah, as their parents may have. Rather, many millenials are savvy travelers who jet around for school, work and pleasure and want to stay connected as they go, while using the fastest and smartest ways to get around. These travel apps were created with exactly that sort of logic in mind. Many of them available for free on both Apple and Android, try downloading any of these handy travel apps the next time you decide to expand your personal horizons.

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Top 10 Indian newsmakers of 2011!

2011 has been a pretty interesting year in many terms. From the highs of India’s World Cup victory on April 2nd to the lows of the 2G scam and the death of many prominent personalities, we have seen it all. But nothing could beat Team Anna and their campaign to bring forward the Jan Lokpal Bill.

As far as the Indian industry is concerned, Infosys and Tata lost their captains to youngsters of the next generation. But Kingfisher began facing some serious turbulence in its flight of “Good Times”. “Kolaveri” and “Flash Mobs” became the buzzwords among all of us for their own reasons.

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