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What had he been searching for?


He eventually came

home to family.

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100 word fiction: City goes dark

100 word fiction: City goes dark

One by one the lights of the city block winked out, the dark coming ever closer. The cyclone had been barreling towards the city for the last couple of days and now that it was almost on the doorstep, the electricity had been cut off to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

The people had been exhausted as there had been one tragedy after another so much so that their being stuck home felt like being in a cage. While help was on the way, they felt that their lives were in a constant state of flux from one disaster to another.

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100 word fiction: Visit to the gift shop

100 word fiction: Visit to the gift shop

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“You have such good taste when it comes to decorating your house. I love the colours.”

Ann and Jessica had been the best of friends since Ann shifted into the neighbourhood a couple of months ago. While they happened to meet by chance, they hit it off almost immediately with their shared interests in interior designing and fashion.

Ann loved travelling and made sure to collect at least one souvenir from every place she visited. She was also looking for some handmade items to complete the look of her home and Jessica knew the perfect place which would have them.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

What had he been searching for?


Home was where

he found peace.

Linking to Saturday Six Word Story Prompt: Home and Six Word Saturday

Six Word Story: Forever

Six Word Story: Forever

They decided to live there forever.

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Rajesh had been a nomad for years going from one place to another in search of a stable job and a steady income.

There were so many times when he felt empty and drained. But he still continued in the hope that things would become better. His family back home depended on his hard earned money.

But things had deteriorated quite rapidly since he joined his new job. His boss didn’t care about the general well-being of the subordinates. All he cared was that every employee did his 12 hour shift without slacking away.

It became too much to take and Rajesh had finally decided to give it all up and head back home.

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A letter to life

A letter to life

A letter to life


Dear Zindagi (Life),

You have quite literally been a bed of roses till date. Everyone has his or her share of horror stories and troubles which shape their childhood and thinking. But in my case, it has almost been as perfect as it gets. While I know that it may not always be the case, I truly appreciate what all you have given me.

Once the right values and beliefs were inculcated in me, I was always encouraged to chart my own course in my career. There was never any force or coercion to do things to please others or live life on other’s terms. And the best part was the fact that my loved ones supported me all the way in any decision that I took. They have always believed that one can discuss anything with multiple people but the final decision should rest with the individual. And they taught me the same.

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42 word fiction: When she left home..

Happy times..

In happy times..


She left home one day never to return again.

Her parents searched in every nook and corner asking all around without luck.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, her body was recovered.

She had been mercilessly raped and beaten to death.

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