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100 word fiction: Museum’s secret

Museum's secret

PHOTO PROMPT © Anne Higa  

“Wow! This is amazing. Who would have known that this old well still had so much water to offer.”

The history museum had a number of artifacts and exhibits for people to admire. But the well was its most visited site especially for those who were interested to see how challenging it was to get water during the historical ages.

While they had heard and felt that there was some water down below, they were never sure without any specific proof to go by. This was until the day they finally struck gold when they heard a gush of water.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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Alleys of Kaleiçi, the historic city center of Antalya, Turkey

I will pursue my

dreams again of visiting

a lot many places


I will go around

again exploring places and

various cultures


I will wander in

those alleys again trying to

find lost history


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Book Review – Unlocked

First things first, I must admit that I have generally not been a big fan of poetry. Only recently have I myself tried to attempt writing some of it. But I do love history and I was intrigued at the fact that an author could attempt to tell historical stories in the form of poems. And that’s why I knew I had to pick this up from the Blogchatter library.

The blurb goes like this:

Is history your Waterloo? No more! The anthem ‘History is Boring’ is now passé. Here is a collection of historical tales about rebellious dancers and whiskeys; mysterious burials and missing keys; lost medals and quarantines and all you could only imagine to be. Presenting twenty-five delectable stories from the past that you may never have heard of before. What’s more? They are sassy and classy; easy and breezy; terse and very much in verse!

The title and the cover which has images of different historical events and figures over the pages of a book make you want to move forward and know what the book is all about.

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Moscow Diaries: A visit to the legendary Eliseevsky grocery store

Eliseevsky Store - Does this look like a grocery store?

Does this look like a grocery store?

Are you wondering what’s special in a grocery store that am writing a blog post about it? Eliseevsky store at 14, Tverskaya Street in Moscow is one of the oldest stores in the city. It was built as part of a historical building and opened to the public in 1901. It’s actually named “Gastronomia Eliseevsky“.

Can you imagine the work involved in constructing such a store more than 110 years ago?

Can you imagine the work involved in constructing such a store more than 110 years ago?

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#FiveSentenceFiction: Maps – My window to the world!


My association with maps spanned centuries with most of my family members engaged in cartography. From cameras to scales; from telescopes to protractors, I grew up seeing such equipment strewn all around the house. Whether it was about giving me a peak into the economic resources across countries or depicting various cities and towns, these maps were my window to the world. Every time I visited a new place, I made it a point to circle it on the map and show off to all and sundry. It had always been my dream to visit every single place on the map before I die.

Written for Five Sentence Fiction prompt: Maps

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Guest Post: Top 5 cities to visit this summer!

What does the summer of 2012 have in store for travelers like us? Which cities are calling out our names? Which hotels are clearing up their reservations? Which beaches are welcoming the bright and shining sun? The top cities to visit across the planet always remain unlimited. But we have tried to name the top five this summer. Whether its shopping that drives you or cultural heritage that attracts you, whether its nightlife you are looking for or history is our cup of tea, we are sure that a lot many of you would agree with this list.

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