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Photography: Special moments

Photography: Special moments

Walking in a park in Kuwait

He was happy

in nature’s company.

Photography: Special moments

Beautiful colours of the sky in Kuwait


Photography: Special moments

Beautiful sunset at Yiti Beach in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Note: Each moment spent amidst nature in the last year has felt more special than ever. It has taught us the importance of simple things like watching a sunrise or sunset, seeing birds flying high up above us and generally being able to appreciate nature in all its glory.

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I am blank because…


I am weird because

I can have any combination of vegetables for food if they are considered healthy as per nutritionists.

I love hard copies of books more than e-books just so that I can smell the fresh pages of a new book.

I get sleep only if I lie on my stomach on the bed.

I get the most  creative ideas for blog posts or stories after 1am.

I am a bad friend because

I am not the secret Santa who often gifts his friends a lot many things.

I often speak my mind out.

I am not very prompt in staying in touch through social networks.

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Outraging – Has it become a fashion statement?


The dictionary defines outrage as a kind of emotion which is related to anger aroused by degradation of moral and societal norms. But who defines outrage? What are the causes which result in people outraging left, right and center? Most of you would say that it’s the beliefs and values people have which define what’s morally correct and morally wrong for them. But is it the only thing? Do people outrage just for the heck of it? Has outraging become a fashion statement? Let’s check it out.

The Delhi gangrape incident last year resulted in protests across the nation. Every Tom, Dick & Harry had a view about what should be done. From reforming the rapists as Rahul Bose had mentioned to chemical castration; people were frustrated, angry and ready to do their bit to save the country from such beasts. Or so it seemed. Yes, many were genuinely frustrated and angry. But to think of it, there many who were just commenting for the sake of commenting. Whether using social media or posting blog posts, during conversations over tea or making bold statements, people were outraging as if this meant so much to them.

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Why do we give some people more importance than they deserve?



We meet different kinds of people in life. Some of them are awesome. They shape our world, our lives, our thinking, everything about them is just amazing. And we end up giving them the maximum importance. But then some are not so awesome but still good enough to define our lives, careers and thoughts. And finally there are those who irritate us, trouble us, frustrate us and stress us out. They don’t deserve our attention, our love or either our care. But despite all the problems they cause in our lives, we end up giving them a lot of importance. Why is that? Do they really deserve it?

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Why is it so easy to be sad but so hard to be happy?

Happiness and Sadness are two emotions which define one’s life. They are the emotions which walk hand in hand with each other. They are states of the mind which arrive at different intervals in life. If either of them would disappear, life would be poorer without them. At times, there are extended periods of happiness while at others there are extended periods of sadness. But the irony is such that when there are extended periods of sadness, we all complain. But in case of extended periods of happiness, no one thinks one bit that sadness could be lurking anywhere around the corner.

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A sneak peak: What would life be without emotions?

Emotions are there everywhere around us. Be it loving your parents, fighting with your friends, laughing at others stupidity, rebelling against the status quo in the society, emotions play their part in each and every moment of our lives. But have you ever imagined what would life be without them? Incomplete, incoherent, confused, stuck in a fix – Are you thinking that any of these would be the case with life? Wouldn’t the puzzle of life be incomplete? Let’s look at the funny side as many of these ten instances would have happened with either of us sometime or the other:

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