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Leaving home – A birdie’s journey

Leaving home - A birdie's journey

As I saw the birdie fly away, I

imagined how humans flew from one place

to another in search of happiness


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100 word fiction: A celebration..

100 word fiction: A celebration..

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast  

“Ahh, these biscuits look lovely! It’s like the perfect gift for Easter. Thanks so much. My family would love them. I would surely decorate these along with a note full of love.”

Annie always enjoyed seeing her customers smile. Whether it was Easter or Christmas, she had not let the pandemic dampen the enthusiasm of her customers.

In times of crisis like these, she knew that her sweets would coincide with the arrival of joy and music in people’s lives.

After she was done for the day, she loved sitting at the lonely chair amongst the trees behind her house.

A celebration..

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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Staying happy is a choice to keep

the mind lucid and fresh.

Happiness is that feeling which one gets

seeing loved ones virtually as a rule during the pandemic.

One feels the happiest when its possible

to hug loved ones after months of lockdown.


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One can classify

dreams into a variety

of different types


Dreams can take us to

places we have never ever

thought of exploring

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Is winning all that matters?

Is winning all that matters?

As he walked through the

aisle, he thought about pros

and cons of winning


This win would alter

his standard of living quite



He thought to himself,

“I’ll holiday in an

isle with this win”

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Cloudy skies

Cloudy Skies

As he walked towards

his destination, he saw

the fairy come out


The low clouds had masked

her presence but now she looked

really despondent


At his behest, she

mentioned that she wanted him to

climb the hills nearby


When he refused, she

got furious and made plans

to see him distressed


Within minutes, she

had harvested his happiness

and kept it aside


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Is there anything money can’t buy?

Is there anything money can't buy?

He had money.

He wasn’t happy.

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55 word fiction: Dried Flowers

55 word fiction: Dried Flowers

He was gone while she was asleep. It was only recently that they sat together to chart the course of their relationship from the choppy waters it had been in. But then, he decided to leave thus depriving their relationship of any happiness. She just kept staring at the dried flowers he had gifted her.

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An ode to happiness

An ode to happiness

Happiness is an emotion,

Defined by feeling secure with your loved ones,

It can make your heart jump with joy,

And even help get rid of mental health issues.


Happiness is like icecream which slowly melts away,

It is a state of mind which is not there forever just like anything in life.

Happiness is about decreasing the distances with the people you love,

Rather than being callous, it is about being compassionate.


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100 word fiction: Avarice

100 word fiction: Avarice

As the money began flowing in, his avarice knew no bounds. Whether buying a fancy car or a plush bungalow, he lost himself in all the money. He had forgotten that life is about cherishing happy moments too. And happiness isn’t just defined by one’s bank balance.

While the material possessions began building up, his relationships with friends and family suffered. Emotions were generally not his thing and more so now.

He loved taking his cars out for a spin. But little did he know that much to his embarrassment, his Maybach would end up getting stuck in a pothole.

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