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Never say never

Never say never

As the clock ticked by,

the virus returned in a

lethal avatar


Note: For those who thought that they had defeated COVID and it was all a thing of the past, unfortunately with the 2nd / 3rd / 4th waves, the virus has reminded all of us that we are mere mortals.

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Leaving home – A birdie’s journey

Leaving home - A birdie's journey

As I saw the birdie fly away, I

imagined how humans flew from one place

to another in search of happiness


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Introduction to Frankfenfood

Introduction to Frankfenfood

As she looked over

her shoulder, frankenfood seemed

rather trite to her


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Her Dreams

Her Dreams

While her eyes didn’t aid

her, her hands and feet worked in

sync to change her life


Note: Inspired from stories of those who achieved their dreams onstage despite losing their vision at an early age.

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While the king had an air about himself

along with an eccentric persona,

his jester was a prankster and a charmer


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Doing your Laundry

Doing your Laundry

Washing, drying and

folding clothes was a routine

he became used to


Once everything was

set, the washing machine came

to life with a rumble


It had a life of

its own making the clothes dance

amidst the detergent

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Cling on

Cling on

He tried to cling on

but as per opinion it

wasn’t affordable.


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As it rained, delight

turned to despair seeing the

flood and landslide


While he was deft, he

lost control of his car which

ended up crashing


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Monday is Red for

the optimism & energy

it brings to the week


Tuesday is Orange

as there isn’t as much vigour

but still some sparks left


Wednesday is all

about Yellow which deals with

happiness & anxiety

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Story of November

Story of November

November, a month

when people anticipate

upcoming winter


November, a month

when people vouch to raise awareness

about men’s health issues


November, a month

with people on tenterhooks

about more lockdowns



November, a month

when even the aeolist

may not survive the pandemic


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