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Why have New Year resolutions become a joke?


A New Year resolution is a decision to do or not do something so that one can accomplish personal goals or create / break old and / or new habits. It gives a chance for people to look back at the past year and think of the good and bad things they have done. And once they have evaluated that, making a resolution helps make the bad quite good and the good even better. But then how many of us really ensure that our resolutions succeed? How many of us make one just to keep others interested? It’s food for thought. ain’t it? Let’s check it out.

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Guest Post: Reward Yourself for Achieving Goals


Using a reward system of any kind can really help you to stay motivated and stick to whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Of course, it probably depends on what you are doing and what goals you have that will determine what type of reward and what sort of system you use.

Want to know the different kinds of reward systems others have come up with in order to come up with ideas of your own? Here are some ideas to help you begin brainstorming:

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Guest Post: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

You think about things you would like to do, but most people think that dreams are just for dreaming. Here’s how to make your dreams come true.

Take time out to reflect on what your dreams are

When many people think about what they want out of their lives, these thoughts are often a brief moment as quick to leave as they were to emerge. Perhaps they appear while you’re waiting in line for coffee, or in the few minutes of downtime between tasks. Rarely do people dedicate a considerable period of time to figuring out what their dreams actually are.

In order to make your dreams come true, you have to pinpoint what they are, and that takes plenty of reflection. Sit in your favorite location, undisturbed, and visualize the type of life you would ideally lead. Take your time with this exercise. Fill in all the details. Do it more than once, too. Make time for this exercise on several occasions to get the best picture of what your dreams are.

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Is life only about doing what benefits us?

One of the most important factors in every task we do, involves understanding the benefit that doing the task gives us. Obviously, why would we want to do something which may not help us in our personal or professional lives? As someone has said, “First think of yourself before thinking of others.” Why waste one’s time in doing something which may not even have a personal benefit? But is life only all about the benefits we earn? Read on!

Benefits are a very important part of any task we undertake whether its as simple as deciding to take a car to work rather than expending all our energy walking all the way or as complicated as learning some special softwares to help us go higher up the ladder in our organization. Whenever we are taking up a task, the first thing we ask is, “How will it help us?” That’s how it should be. Why would we want to do something which may not at all be useful in our present or our future? These benefits will help us realize our future goals, aspirations and dreams.

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