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100 word fiction: Going towards emptiness

100 word fiction: Going towards emptiness

With her camera in tow, she was ready to go out to photograph how deserted the city became every night. As she stepped out of her house, it was already late afternoon.

100 word fiction: Going towards emptiness

The seeds which she had sowed quite a while back had given way to a small plant with many flowers.

100 word fiction: Going towards emptiness


While nature was going on as per its usual course, all the markets, roads, restaurants and more came to a standstill every night as a lockdown had been enforced.

Being the journalist she was, it was her job to photograph the emptiness all around. It was quite bizarre.

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Spring season

Those incessant sounds of birds all round

pale in front of anything else

flowers that are still to bloom

might overcome turmoil

still with a smile and

have set aside

time in which

to make


Note: Used Karina Borowicz’s ‘September Tomatoes’ as a prompt

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Five Sentence Fiction: Flowers at the door..

Smelling the flowers proved to be disastrous

Smelling the flowers proved to be disastrous


It had been a few days since she had started getting those flowers at the doorstep. Though there wasn’t a name or a message, her initial reaction was of utmost happiness and delight as she seemed to have an inkling on the sender.

Interestingly, though these were beautiful, these flower types weren’t the usual kinds which people gifted their loved ones.

As the days went on, though the flowers kept coming weekly, her condition had started deteriorating with debilitating affects being observed on her nervous system courtesy the smell of these flowers.

What started as delight was slowly but surely turning into a cold blooded murder.

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Dubai Diaries – A trip to the Miracle Garden

Spread over 72000 sq m and with over 45 million flowers, Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden. In a country where temperatures can easily cross 50 degrees in the summer, this is quite a spectacular achievement which points to the vision of the authorities to create varied tourist experiences for the avid traveler.

The garden is open for visitors from October to April and closed thereafter as the peak summer starts. There are flowers covering trains, the Eiffel tower, a clock, peacocks, cars, village houses, Burj Khalifa and more. For those who are interested, a butterfly garden has also opened its doors next to the Miracle Garden.

The way the flowers have been arranged shows the amount of effort which would have gone in ensuring that tourist have a lovely time. It’s an amazing place to take in the fresh air and relax.

Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden

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100 word story – The Golden Flowers

Flowers with Ice

Flowers with Ice

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Janet Webb

She had met him for the first time when he was in his garden. He loved nurturing his plants with utmost care and concern as if they were his children. She always saw him spend a couple of hours each day watering and tending to them. That garden was where they spoke sweet-nothings, laughed, cried, argued, made-up and lived a life over a couple of years. As she sat by the window reminiscing the times they had spent, her eyes wandered to the plant which they had planted together. Its flowers had turned golden and were now covered with ice.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read other entries here.

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