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How to get rid of odours at your home?


How to get rid of bad odour?

How to get rid of bad odour?


Our sense of smell is as important as our other senses of tasting, hearing, seeing and feeling. It exposes us to fragrances of different kinds as well as odours which are not so pleasant. Every house and individual around the world has a distinctive odour.

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100 word fiction: The wooden boat

The antique wooden boat..

The antique wooden boat..

Source: PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Georgia Koch

Though it appeared as nothing more than an antique piece of wood for anyone, for Raju it was his daily bread and butter.

For years, he had been taking his wooden boat out into the open sea to get his daily catch of fish for selling in the open market. From extreme heat to deadly winds and rain, his boat had weathered it all.

Seeing that it could sail through every challenge in his life, he had slowly but surely developed an attachment towards it so much so that he refused an offer to put it up in a museum.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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