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Zany personality

Zany personality

The late morning was clear and crisp as Sawyer stepped out of the travel hostel. His zany personality didn’t require to refine his antics. While he rushed through the entrance to get married and then eventually crossed the exit to get divorced and out of darkness, his wittiness spoke – “Thankfully, I don’t need to be frugal anymore with the container now full.”

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100 word fiction: City goes dark

100 word fiction: City goes dark

One by one the lights of the city block winked out, the dark coming ever closer. The cyclone had been barreling towards the city for the last couple of days and now that it was almost on the doorstep, the electricity had been cut off to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

The people had been exhausted as there had been one tragedy after another so much so that their being stuck home felt like being in a cage. While help was on the way, they felt that their lives were in a constant state of flux from one disaster to another.

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Untouched books crowded his shelves, shiny leather spines and faded first editions, meticulously dusted and never read.

Or so it seemed. All his life, he had been immersed in books as far as he could remember. He felt that with every book he read, he made a new discovery of something so important that it could change the world.

Over the years, he felt that he had covered so much of what one could learn in their lifetime just by reading books. He kept these books as neatly as one could have imagined. If anyone picked them up, they wouldn’t have realized that the books were actually read even once.

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Lush melodies drew her to the door of the lounge, the friendly smiles enticed her inside. The people were smoking shisha and chit-chatting while the melodies filled the air. She was happy to see this after ages especially considering the fact that everyone had been working from home for almost half of the year.

That morning a funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen when she realized that she had forgotten her shoes in the laundry thus causing her clothes to get dirty. Being the head honcho of a multi-million dollar organization, she always carried himself with pizzazz wherever she went but not this time.

She had arrived as an analyst but with time she had grown professionally and would eventually depart as the leader of an excellent team of individuals. It was if she had transformed the life of her employees and brought them from darkness into light.

While she was a workaholic during the day, she ensured that she let her down in the evening with friends and some music to go along.

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55 word fiction: Mature

55 word fiction: Mature

Jaime spent the whole day browsing the antique store and left with just one thing. While he loved collecting antiques from across the world, he was spoilt for choice and decided to take a mature decision to not spend too much. Though he had almost reached 50, his interest in antiques had not diminished one bit.

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55 word fiction: Singing

55 word fiction: Singing

“Do you hear the people sing?”

At first glance, with their heads bobbing to the music and hair swaying in the wind, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are having a party. But they are instead trying to make their voices heard using unconventional methods against the suffering they have faced for years.

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Hope is what we have

Hope is what we have

Someday, this will be over– only remembered like some half-felt and fading nightmare.

The sun is still rising from the east and setting from the west,

Birds are flying up and about without a care in the world,

Animals are roaming freely in their habitats,

The weather is having its usual cycles from one season to another,

The seas are going through their usual mood swings,

There is so much which hasn’t changed yet there is so much which is different,

Jobs have disappeared leaving many penniless,

There is a real struggle for food and water,

Businesses have been shut leaving people at home,

Cracks have appeared in family relationships leaving many broken families,

But hope is all what we have and can cling onto amidst this chaos.

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