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Photography: Farms in Kuwait

Photography: Farms in Kuwait

If you think about Kuwait’s weather, all you can imagine is the heat.

Photography: Farms in Kuwait

I will leave it to your imagination as to how you would deal with the 50 degree Celsius heat we see here every summer.

Photography: Farms in Kuwait

But Kuwait has quite a few months of winter as well when the weather is perfect for visiting the numerous parks and beaches.

The one thing which was quite a surprise was the fact that Kuwait has many farms as well. And farms whose pictures make you feel that you are back in India.

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Photography: Delicate colours

This week’s Lens – Artists Photo Challenge looks at delicate colours. I have been living in a desert for the last couple of years and therefore it’s generally a delight whenever we get to see different colours specifically in the winter season when the temperatures are about 15 degrees celsius in the day.

Below are some of my clicks during our park and farm visits during the last few years.

Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours

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42 word fiction: Depression


“My life has turned into a living nightmare.”

Married off for money at 16, Anu worked in the fields daily from 6am to 6pm to feed her family.

After coming back home she was forced to bear her husband’s beatings and mother’s abuses.

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