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Photography: Autumn

Photography: Autumn

I had always seen fall colours in movies and pictures. But it was only when I went to USA last year that I got a chance to see the colours up close and personal.

Photography: Autumn

It was then that I realized what autumn was really all about.

Photography: Autumn

Having lived in the desert climate for the majority of my life, I feel a sense of tranquility whenever I see greenery of any kind.

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100 word fiction: Fall colours in a pandemic

100 word fiction: Fall colours in a pandemic

It was that time of the year when everything around had become so colourful. The green had turned into shades of yellow, orange and red. But then, there was something which hadn’t really changed too much.

While the year had started out on a promising note for Janet with her new job and finding the love of her life, things had quickly turned downhill from the time the pandemic struck. She lost her job and her sanity as the savings dried up.

As the months went by, she was forced to depend on others for even the most basic needs.

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Photography: Sunset during Fall

When I was in the US in October of last year, I loved every bit of seeing fall colours wherever I could. But I never knew that the colours up above in the skies would be equally beautiful too.

These ones are during one of the walks I had taken after a spell of rain in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Photography: Sunset during Fall Photography: Sunset during Fall Photography: Sunset during Fall

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Six Word Story: Sight #AtoZChallenge

Six Word Story: Sight

South Portland, Maine


The colours in

fall were beautiful.

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Thursday Tree Love: Glastonbury US

Glastonbury US #ShotoniPhone

This tree in Glastonbury, Connecticut is in full bloom during the fall season.

But the other tree behind it is a pale shadow of itself with its empty branches rising towards the sky. It is preparing for the winter as the leaves have all fallen by the wayside.

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Wordless Wednesday: Fall colours

Wordless Wednesday: Fall colours #ShotoniPhone

Wordless Wednesday: Fall colours#ShotoniPhone

Wordless Wednesday: Fall colours#ShotoniPhone

Until recently, I had only seen the fall colours in pictures and movies. But seeing the real thing in New Hampshire and New England in the US was a completely different experience altogether.

There are some trees which are green throughout the year. While leaves on others turn yellow, red or even pink during the fall season. This combined with the blue colour of the sky or the grey clouds give such a lovely colourful contrast to the surroundings.

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