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Being a baby, he

felt that the time was never

enough to enjoy.

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Flash Fiction – The raging inferno


The music was at its highest decibel as hundreds of party goers rocked the dance floor to their heart’s content. Being a Saturday Night, the Sanda-Liva nightclub was teeming with people from all walks of life. You could see almost everyone let their hair loose and dance the night away. From Bryan Adams to Ricky Martin, from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, songs of all kinds were being played by the DJ in the house, much to everyone’s delight.

With its retro interiors and the distinct variety of music played from across the board, Sanda-Liva was famous with people from all around the world. It had literally put the city of Narito on the world dance map.

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Guest Post – Romantic Fantasy Writing: How to get started?

Writing a novel involves weaving a story out of many details and pieces of information. However, it’s important to remember that with novel writing as well as weaving, the quality of the finished product depends entirely on the quality of content that goes into weaving it. If you prepare properly, provide adequate details and specifics and invest yourself into the art of creating the story; when it’s finished, it should all flow well and fit together beautifully. Romantic fantasy novels have gained popularity over the past few years. While romantic fantasy authors must follow the same guidelines as authors of historical romance or suspense novels, there are a few additional tips that they can benefit from.

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Guest Post: When should you quit your job?

With looming stories of unemployment and a faltering economy, quitting your job is likely the last thing we expect to hear about in today’s society. But of course, it happens. People leave their jobs everyday; even when times are tough and the economy is trashed. Sometimes the right choice for your happiness and your professional future may be to find a new job. While the choice is never easy, there are always signs and symptoms that crop up to indicate it might be quittin’ time. Leaving your job should be done in a strategic and careful manner. Don’t act rashly. Explore your reasons for wanting to leave. Make sure that you are truly unhappy or ready to move on before you make any permanent choices. Look for these three things as strong signs that it might be time to find a new career path.

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A sneak peak: What would life be without emotions?

Emotions are there everywhere around us. Be it loving your parents, fighting with your friends, laughing at others stupidity, rebelling against the status quo in the society, emotions play their part in each and every moment of our lives. But have you ever imagined what would life be without them? Incomplete, incoherent, confused, stuck in a fix – Are you thinking that any of these would be the case with life? Wouldn’t the puzzle of life be incomplete? Let’s look at the funny side as many of these ten instances would have happened with either of us sometime or the other:

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